Refrigerant Compressor Supplier
Refrigerant Compressor Supplier
Refrigerant Compressor Supplier
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What's New

Convention Center Air Energy Heat Pump Project
  • Heat Pump Water Heating Project
  • Heat Pump Dryer Project
HNA International Plaza
  • Ventilation Duct Project
  • Air Conditioning Accessories Project
Vienna Hotel
  • Central Air Conditioning Project
  • Hot Water Heat Pump Project

What We Do

Air Conditioner Unit & Ventilate & Compressor
  • LG air conditioner unit, Midea air conditioner unit, customized air conditioner unit, ventilate, etc.
Walk in Cooler Condensing Unit & Compressor
  • Walk-in cooler condensing unit, walk-in cooler condensing unit parts, walk-in cooler compressor, etc.

Service and Support Your HUBHVACR Equipment

Contact us to make your HVAC&R business easy.

Technical Support
OEM Service
Operating Manuals
Case Studies

How HUBHVACR Impact Your Business?

HUBHVACR fans bring fresh air to commercial buildings and residential buildings with very low noise. This makes every person in the room feel happy.

HUBHVACR Fans for Commercial Buildings and Residential Buildings
Quiet, Efficient, Reliable, Clean and Safe.

High School 74 used HUBHVACR heat pump units to build a thermostatic shower room, and it improved the living environment of students.

HUBHVACR Heat Pump Unit for School
Heat Pump Unit
Efficient heating, Low noise, Reliable performance, Low energy consumption

Miracle braze-free HVAC fittings save HVAC technicians worldwide from the hazards of soldering, providing HVAC technicians with a safer work environment.

Braze-free HVAC Fittings
Braze-free HVAC Fittings
Quick connection, No fire, No explosive gas

Quick Quote

Quick Quote


If you have a custom HVAC&R system need, please contact our custom department.

If you need to find our HVAC&R products more quickly, please contact our sales department.


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