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What Bitzer Compressor We Supply

What Bitzer Compressor We Supply?

  • Bitzer ECOLINE reciprocating compressors
  • Bitzer Double-stage semi-hermetic compressors
  • Bitzer Low-temperature screw compressor
  • Bitzer Medium-high temperature screw compressor

Bitzer Semi-hermetic Compressor

Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor capacity ranges are 4.06-221.0 m³/h.

Bitzer semi-hermetic screw compressor capacity ranges are 84-535 m³/h.

It is suitable for low-temperature, medium-temperature, and air-conditioning fields.

Bitzer Semi Hermetic Compressor 2 Cylinder Series
Compressor model include 2KES-05, 2JES-07, 2HES-1, 2HES-2, 2GES-2, 2FES-2, 2FES-3, 2EES-2, 2EES-3, 2DES-2, 2DES-3, 2CES-3, 2CES-4.
Bitzer Semi Hermetic Compressor 4 Cylinder Series
Compressor model include 4FES-3, 4FES-5, 4EES-6, 4DES-5, 4DES-7, 4CES-6, 4CES-9, 4VES-6, 4VES-7, 4VES-10, 4TES-8, 4TES-9, , 4TES-12, 4PES-10, 4PES-12, 4PES-15, 4NES-12, 4NES-14, 4NES-20, 4JE-13, 4JE-15, 4JE-22, 4HE-15, 4HE-18, 4HE-25 4GE-20, 4GE-23, 4GE-30, 4FE-25, 4FE-28, 4FE-35.
Bitzer Semi Hermetic Compressor 6 Cylinder Series
Compressor model include 6JE-22, 6JE-25, 6JE-33, 6HE-25, 6HE-28, 6HE-35, 6GE-30, 6GE-34, 6GE-40, 6FE-40, 6FE-44, 6FE-50.
Bitzer Semi Hermetic Compressor 2 Stage
Compressor model include S4T-5.2, S4N-8.2, S4G-12.2, S6J-16.2, S6H-20.2, S6G-25.2, S6F-30.2, S66J-32.2, S66H-40.2, S66G-50.2, S66F-60.2.
Bitzer Semi Hermetic Screw Compressor HS53-85 Series
Compressor model include HSN5343/5353/ 5363/6451, HSK5343/5353/ 5363/6451, HSN6461, HSK6461, HSN7451, HSK7451, HSN7461, HSK7461, HSN7471, HSK7471, HSK8551, HSN8561, HSK8561, HSN8571, HSK8571, HSK8581/8591, HSN8591, HSKB5343/5353/5363, HSKB6451/ 6461/7451, HSKB7461/7471, HSKB8551/8561/B8571.
Bitzer Semi Hermetic Screw Compressor HS95 Series
Compressor model include HSK9573-180, HSK9573-240, HSN9583-240, HSK9583-210, HSK9583-280, HSK9593-300, HSK95103-320, HSN95103-280.

Alternative Brand Semi-hermetic Compressor (6)

  • Blait Compressor

    Blait is a semi-hermetic compressor factory that we have in-depth cooperation with. Its main advantage is its compressor testing equipment. Every compressor leaving the factory is tested on a performance testing bench, so its product quality is more stable.

  • LIXI Compressor

    LIXI is located in Jiangsu, China, and its advantage is that it supports OEM. It can provide double-cylinder, four-cylinder, six-cylinder, two-stage compressor and screw compressor. Contact us now for more details.

  • Vocke Compressor

    Vocke can provide compressors from 3-60HP. Its advantage is the three-network dust protection of the compressor. It has advantages in the dust-proof design and patent application of the compressor. Therefore, the Vocke compressor’s dust-proof ability is even more outstanding. Contact us for more details.

  • Xiteliduo Compressor

    Xiteliduo is one of the largest manufacturers of semi-hermetic compressors in China. Xiteliduo is a newcomer to the market, focusing on the research and development of semi-hermetic compressors with R32 refrigerant, and actively responding to the green wave of energy saving and environmental protection. Contact us now.

  • XUEMEI Compressor

    XUEMEI can produce 2HP~80HP semi-hermetic piston refrigeration compressors and 8HP~40HP single-machine two-stage semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors. It can provide a one-stop service for chillers, water source heat pump units, ice cream machines, parallel units, and other equipment, contact us now.

  • XUEYING Compressor

    The main advantage of the XUEYING compressor is that its parts are produced in-house. They have their testing equipment such as a rotor line grinder, rotor grinder, and three-coordinate detector. This well ensures the quality of the compressor. Contact us now and send your requirements.

Bitzer Compressor and Refrigeration Units (5)

  • Bitzer Compressor Air Cooled Refrigeration Unit

    Bitzer compressor air-cooled refrigeration unit uses original Bitzer reciprocating compressor (single or two-stage). It can be used in medium-high and low-temperature applications with a cooling capacity range of 2-50HP. In addition, customization and OEM needs can also be met. Contact us now.

  • Bitzer Compressor Outdoor Refrigeration Unit

    Maybe you have seen too many styles of Bitzer compressor outdoor refrigeration units. Yes, the competition for Bitzer compressor refrigeration units in China is very fierce, but you still have to believe in one sentence, that is, you get the goods for the price.

  • Bitzer Compressor Water Cooled Refrigeration Unit

    The installed base of Bitzer compressor water-cooled refrigeration units has declined as we still have a small number of customers using this type of unit. Therefore, we are continuing to produce a Bitzer compressor water-cooled refrigeration unit. But I should warn you that this type of unit does not sell well.

  • Bitzer Screw Compressor Parallel Refrigeration Unit

    Bitzer screw compressor parallel refrigeration units are suitable for medium and large refrigeration projects. Bitzer compressor parallel refrigeration units have high requirements on the manufacturer’s design level and production process. So any factory that can produce parallel refrigeration units is capable. Contact us now.

  • Bitzer Semi-hermetic Compressor Parallel Refrigeration Unit

    Do you prefer to use Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor or the Bitzer screw compressor as the core component of the parallel unit? This depends on your actual cooling capacity. But no matter which parallel refrigeration unit it is, we can debug the best performance for you. This comes from our rich design experience. Contact us now.

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Bitzer Semi-hermetic Compressor Explosion Diagram

Bitzer Semi-hermetic Compressor Explosion Diagram

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