Reciprocating Compressors VS Rotary Compressors

Most people compare rotary and reciprocating compressors and choose between these two types because they are the most commonly widely used compressor technology with their advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, you should understand the type of reciprocating compressor, reciprocating compressors can be divided into hermetic and semi-hermetic types.

Reciprocating Semi-hermetic Compressors and Reciprocating Fridge Compressors

The typical application of hermetic reciprocating compressors is a refrigerator(fridge) and freezer.

Typical applications for semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors are cold rooms and semi-hermetic units.

A reciprocating compressor(fridge compressor) is usually less expensive upfront, making it a good choice for those operating on a tight budget. so they are widely available and commonly used in various applications.

This is why they are widely used and extensively used in various small refrigeration applications, such as seafood machines, vending machines, display cabinets, air curtains, and so on.

However, they have the disadvantage of having a smaller refrigeration capacity.

A reciprocating compressor (semi-hermetic compressor) can be durable in harsh environmental conditions, showcasing impressive sustainability in challenging setups.

But this compressor is comparatively louder than a rotary compressor and reciprocating fridge compressor. This can be a concern in noise-sensitive environments.

When it comes to energy efficiency, reciprocating compressors (semi-hermetic compressors) lag behind, potentially resulting in higher operating costs.

Due to their complex design and more parts, their repairs and maintenance can be more challenging, requiring specialized expertise.

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Advantages of Rotary Compressors

On the other hand, rotary compressor is the best fit for medium and high-temperature units and are heavily favored in commercial refrigeration due to their reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Specially it’s an excellent choice for applications where noise reduction is paramount because of its quiet operation.

Energy efficiency also improves long-term energy bill savings significantly and can prove a longer shelf life.

Compared to the reciprocating compressor, the rotary compressor is easy to install, repair is faster and simpler, and requires less maintenance due to fewer components.

They can flow more refrigerant efficiently in less time with less power, which offers quick cooling with less power consumption.

The screw and scroll rotary compressor also can be used in tight spaces without affecting their performance.

So based on your unique needs, you can make the best decision following the criteria on budget constraints, noise, energy efficiency, etc.

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