Scroll Compressors VS Rotary Compressors

Don’t get confused among the plenty of compressor options available in the market.

Scroll compressors and rotary compressors stand out as a popular choice because of their unique advantages and disadvantages.

They also have many differences based on their structure, working principle, use of application, etc.

Let’s read this full article of a comparative discussion between scroll compressors vs rotary compressors.

What Is a Scroll Compressor?

What is a scroll Compressor

Scroll compressor use involute type wrap continuous compressor to compress the refrigerant.

It has a mechanical section containing the central compressor and an electrical section with the motor.

The compressor has two interleaving scrolls in the scroll wrap that rotate and pressurize the refrigerant flow.

In the lower section, the motor supplies energy to the compressor, so the more efficient the motor, the more efficient the compressor of your scroll compressor.

In addition, scroll compressor brands are also diverse, such as Copeland, Daikin, Hitachi, Panasonic, etc.

Read more detail: What is a Scroll Compressor?

What Is a Rotary Compressor?

What is a rotary compressor

The vapor compressing process in the rotary compressor happens when a rotary compressor uses a rolling piston in the cylindrical housing using positive displacement technology.

Check out GMCC and Gree Landa compressors to help you understand the compression process.

As the rotor revolves, the chamber volume begins to increase and reaches the maximum volume of the chamber.

Continuation of these progressive movements results in the rotor moving past the sliding vein, sealing off, and ceasing its compression for ejection through the discharge port.

Check out MITSUBSHI and LG compressors to learn about their Linear Compressor technology.

In addition, rotary compressors are also placed horizontally, but their working principles are the same. For example CRSS, HIGHLY.

You can read our full article on Rotary compressors to learn more about it.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Scroll Compressors?

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Scroll Compressor

Advantages of Scroll compressor:

A scroll compressor is a space-efficient, lightweight, and compact design compared to other types.

It is also energy efficient and can achieve 100% volumetric efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Due to the fewer moving parts, the scroll compressor has significantly less noise and quieter performance.

The simple design also has lower vibration, resulting in increased durability.

Disadvantages of Scroll Compressor:

The reparability of a scroll compressor is limited; mainly, the hermetic compressor is challenging to disassemble for maintenance.

Scroll compressors can’t be rotated in both directions, unlike reciprocating compressors, limiting flexibility in specific applications.

There might be capacity control issues, too, as it generally has a lower capacity than others.

The initial costs of scroll compressors tend to be higher than other compressor types.

What are the Pros and cons of Rotary Compressors?

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Rotary Compressor

Advantages of Rotary Compressor:

Unlike other typical compressor, rotary compressor usually offers longer lifespan in terms of working hours.

You can get the 60000 to 80000 hours of lifetime with no effect on the capacity.

Rotary compressors are competitively less loud than other compressors.

A rotary compressor is highly energy efficient, generates less heat, and can run continuously without rest.

Rotary compressors can be used in heavy-duty industrial settings, manufacturing facilities, or residential applications.

Disadvantages of Rotary Compressor:

A rotary compressor’s initial cost is relatively higher than other compressor types, though its durability and higher air production justify it.

The rotary compressor needs regular maintenance due to its complex internal system, and there is no flexibility in capacity and compression ratio.

It’s better & Safe to call professionals to carry out the maintenance task.


If you want to choose the best scroll or rotary compressor for your application.

Except for comparing the types of refrigerant compressors, application requirements, superheat and subcooling levels.

You also need to know the Compressor cooling capacity, SOP value, compressor operating temperature, etc.

You can read our guide on selecting a suitable compressor to learn more or contact HUBHVACR professionals for free consultations about your project.

Let our expertise help you make a durable and cost-effective plan.

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