Understanding Refrigeration Units – A Comprehensive Guide


The refrigeration unit is a complex system that is designed to control and maintain the temperature. It has applications across the industrial and domestic levels.

Working on fluid mechanics and thermodynamics principles, a refrigeration unit uses compressors, condensers, evaporators, and many other secondary elements to operate at its maximum capacity.

To give you a better idea and simpler understanding of refrigeration units, we’ll first of all take you through “what is a refrigeration system.”

And what is “What Is the Difference Between Refrigeration Units and Condenser Units?”

What is a Refrigeration System?

What is a Refrigeration System

In easy terms, a refrigeration system is a box that helps various things to stay cool. The primary function of an ideal refrigeration system is to take heat from one place and dump it somewhere else.

A refrigeration system works on the principle of a vapor compression cycle where a thermodynamic process takes place and transforms refrigerant between liquid and vapor state.

Compressors, condensers, evaporators, and expansion valves are the important components of an ideal refrigeration system.

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Refrigeration Unit Types and Applications

1). Refrigeration Units for Cold Room

Refrigeration Units for Cold Room

The refrigeration unit used in cold storage is called a cold storage refrigeration unit, air-cooled refrigeration unit, water-cooled refrigeration unit, etc.

Of course, it is also called a semi-hermetic refrigeration unit.

It generally has a larger refrigeration capacity, and they usually use semi-hermetic compressors because semi-hermetic compressors can achieve greater refrigeration capacity and stability.

There are many brands of semi-hermetic compressors, such as Bitzer, Frascold, Carrier, Dorin, Bock, Refcomp, Blait, etc.

HUBHVACR semi-hermetic condensing unit uses a bitzer semi-hermetic compressor. This is because it has a higher cost performance.

Of course, we can also replace the compressor that suits you according to your market environment.

If you need cold storage refrigeration units, please contact us now.

Our engineers have rich experience in debugging refrigeration units.

Therefore, the HUBHVACR can help you obtain a cold storage refrigeration unit with stronger economic benefits and operational stability.

2). Monoblock Refrigeration Units for Walk-In Coolers

Monoblock Refrigeration Units for Walk-In Coolers

To understand what walk-in cooler refrigeration units are, you need to first understand what walk-in cooler is.

Walk-in coolers are used in commercial refrigeration, such as restaurant kitchens to store vegetables and meat products, but are not large coolers.

It is categorized into mobile walk-in coolers and stationary walk-in coolers.

Monoblock Refrigeration Units are used for mobile walk-in coolers, small cold rooms, medical cold storage, food cold storage, and DIY walk-in coolers, etc.

HUBHVACR’s monoblock refrigeration units for walk-in coolers use reliable technology to provide the best solutions.

For example, in the choice of compressor, we use either a Copeland scroll compressor or a Danfoss scroll compressor.

So, HUBHVACR’s monoblock refrigeration units can provide you with the most precise temperature control and reliability.

3). Split Refrigeration Units for Walk-Ins

Split Refrigeration Units for Walk-Ins

In the structural design of the refrigeration unit, if the evaporator and the condensing unit are designed separately, it is called a split refrigeration unit.

If the evaporator and condensing unit are designed together, it is called a monoblock unit. Different design methods are due to different application environments.

Split refrigeration units for walk-ins exhibit an innovative approach, and the condensing unit outside the cooler and the evaporator unit inside.

It efficiently meets the cooling demands of commercial walk-in coolers.

Due to this unique design, they become more efficient and accessible for users.

Split refrigeration units can be used in restaurants, grocery stores, and other establishments with walk-in coolers.

So, if you need Split refrigeration units for walk-ins. HUBHVACR will be your best choice.

HUBHVACR walk-in cooler refrigeration units are available in cassette and open designs to better meet your indoor and outdoor needs.

They achieve the desired results by utilizing semi-hermetic compressors, reciprocating piston compressors, or scroll compressors.

You can check commercial refrigeration units or view our product brochure here to know more details.

4). Refrigeration Units for Trucks and Vans

Refrigeration Units for Trucks and Vans

Trucks and vans use refrigeration units to cool their compartments during transportation continuously.

They usually transport pharmaceuticals, frozen food, and frozen fruits and vegetables as they are also called transport refrigeration units.

Truck refrigeration units are generally installed on the roof or front of the truck and van.

This is because the refrigeration unit generates a lot of heat during operation, and mounting it on the roof or front of the vehicle can better cool the condenser unit and ensure reliable operation of the unit.

At HUBHVACR, our commercial refrigeration units for trucks and vans are designed to focus on reliability and efficiency.

Whether it’s catering services or food distribution, we provide a dependable solution for smooth cargo. Contact our experts for more information.

5). Refrigeration Units for Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigeration Units for Commercial Refrigeration

The scope of commercial refrigeration is very wide, so we come up with very many solutions when designing commercial refrigeration units.

For example, in the choice of compressor, we opt for a reciprocating piston compressor with the lowest height, or a horizontal rotary compressor.

Thus, our commercial refrigeration units have a strong cooling output while maintaining the lowest possible height.

Commercial refrigeration units are usually installed together with commercial refrigeration equipment, so they are also called indoor condensing units, self-contained refrigeration units, drop-in refrigeration units, remote condensing units, etc.

The compact design of HUBHVACR’s indoor condensing units ensures seamless integration into various commercial spaces.

They also contribute to energy efficiency, reducing operational costs for you.

Contact us now to transform your commercial refrigeration experience.

6). Refrigeration Units for Showcase

Refrigeration Units for Showcase

In supermarkets and stores. HUBHVACR display cabinet refrigeration unit provides precise cooling for ice cream display cabinets, beverage display cabinets, wine display cabinets, etc.

In this setting, generally, a horizontal condensing unit is used that helps the showcases to stay cooler for a longer time.

They usually use horizontal rotary compressors or horizontal scroll compressors that help them to get the maximum refrigeration capacity with the best outputs.

HUBHVACR’s showcase refrigeration units provide precise and consistent cooling to maintain the freshness and appeal of showcased items.

They are ideal for refrigeration equipment in supermarkets, boutiques, and specialty stores.

Are you interested in the product? Contact us to talk to our experts and get a quick quotation.

7). Refrigeration Units for Vending Machines

Refrigeration Units for Vending Machines

Whether in office buildings, schools, or public spaces, you can have a cool drink anytime and anywhere, this is the charm of the vending machine unit.

Vending machine refrigeration units are critical to ensuring the freshness and quality of products in vending machines.

Vending machines use the bottom-mounted monoblock refrigeration unit. It uses reciprocating piston compressors( Embraco, Secop), which have the advantages of small size, low vibration, and low sound.

They are designed for efficient cooling in confined spaces. HUBHVACR vending machines refrigeration units use Panasonic rotor mini compressors, which have excellent reliability performance.

So HUBHVACR vending machines’ refrigeration units ensure that snacks and beverages are consistently kept at the ideal temperature for consumers.

Contact us now to discover how our vending machine refrigeration units can elevate the convenience and satisfaction of your vending business.

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Refrigeration Units for Kitchen Freezer

Refrigeration Units for Kitchen Freezer 

All types of refrigeration units work on the same principle, including kitchen freezer refrigeration units.

Kitchen freezer refrigeration units can also be referred to as commercial refrigeration units, built-in units, all-in-one units, self-contained refrigeration units, drop-in refrigeration units, and so on.

As you can see from the picture, the kitchen freezer refrigeration unit includes a Tecumseh compressor, condenser, evaporator, and capillary tube.

It contains a complete refrigeration system that can be installed and work directly in the kitchen cooler.

Maybe you will have a question, why design such an appearance?

The answer is, that the design method is the most space-saving you can reserve more space for frozen food.

HUBHVACR has a lot of experience in customizing kitchen cooler refrigeration units, so if your project requires this type of unit, contact us now.

8). Refrigeration Units for Thermal Management

Refrigeration units designed for thermal solutions are essential systems for various applications.

For example, precision air conditioners used in museums, DC condensing units used for heat dissipation in machine tools and laser cutting, etc.

Thermal management refrigeration units focus on precision cooling to protect sensitive equipment or processes from fluctuations in temperature.

At HUBHVACR, we specialize in delivering excellence in thermal management. Our refrigeration units are designed to offer precise cooling and adaptability to the unique demands of different environments.

Classification of Refrigeration Units

There are a lot of factors through which we can categorize the refrigeration units. Let’s explain them separately for your better understanding:

Classification by Number of Compressors

Single Compressor: Dual compressors generally use reciprocating compressors or rotary compressors, such as (Secop, Embraco, Jiaxipera, LG, GMCC, Mitsubishi, CRSS, etc.).

Single-compressor units are well-suited for smaller applications such as household refrigerators or small commercial setups.

Dual-Compressor: Dual compressors generally use scroll compressors, such as (Copeland, Daikin, HITACHI, Panasonic, etc.).

They have two compressors. This design ensures continued operation if one compressor requires maintenance or encounters any issues.

Multi-Compressor: Multi-compressors generally use semi-hermetic compressors, such as (Bitzer, Frascold, Carlyle, Bock, Refcomp, etc.).

It utilizes three or more compressors, offering scalability and the ability to modulate capacity based on varying refrigeration needs.

Classification by Scope of Application

  • Split Refrigeration Unit
  • Van Refrigeration Unit
  • Commercial Refrigeration Unit
  • Truck Refrigeration Unit
  • Walk-In Cooler Refrigeration Unit
  • Cold Room Refrigeration Unit
  • Vending Machine Refrigeration Unit

We have studied all these types in detail in the previous section.

Classification by Temperature Range

Middle and High Temperature: These units are suitable for preserving perishable goods in commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, and various industrial processes.

Medium-Low Temperature: these units are commonly employed in storing and transporting frozen goods in commercial and industrial settings.

Ultra-Low Temperature: These units are critical for specialized applications such as scientific research, medical storage, and industrial processes.

Classification by Cooling Method

Air cooling condensing(refrigeration) unit

Water cooling condensing(refrigeration)  unit

HUBHVACR: Your One-stop Manufacturer of Refrigeration Units

HUBHVACR is your comprehensive solution as a manufacturer of refrigeration units, offering a one-stop destination for all your cooling needs.

In addition to refrigeration units for a variety of applications, we can also provide you with unit accessories.

For example, expansion valves(Danfoss, Emerson, Saginomiya, Sporlan, Sanhua), filter driers(Danfoss, Emerson), capillary tubes, pressure controllers, refrigeration compressors, suction accumulators, oil separator refrigeration, etc.

With a commitment to excellence, HUBHVACR stands as your trusted partner in meeting refrigeration requirements with advanced solutions.

Contact us, talk to our experts, and get the required products!

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