What is a Thermostatic Expansion Valve in HVAC&R

When you first heard about Thermostatic expansion valves, what words did you know them through? Was it through thermal expansion valves or the abbreviation TXV/TEV/TED/Bi-flow thermostatic expansion valve?

No matter which name you know thermostatic expansion valves. It is very common in both refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

You can verify this in the What is a Refrigeration System blog.

It is mainly used in commercial refrigeration applications where the ambient temperature does not fluctuate greatly, such as cold storage, transportation refrigeration, walk-in cooler, commercial air conditioners, chillers, heat pumps for hot water, etc.

All brands of thermostatic expansion valves or thermal expansion valves, adjust the valve’s operation using a thermal sensing element to measure the temperature and maintain a constant subcooling and superheating. You can verify this in the How Does an Expansion Valve Work blog.

This is a basic principle that every manufacturer must follow.

The sensing bulb ensures accurate temperature sensing by allowing for a higher flow rate of refrigerant when the cooling demand increases.

And when the demand is low for cooling, the valve drops the pressure and regulates the flow accordingly.

Thermostatic Expansion Valve Brands

There are many popular brands of thermostatic expansion valves.

However, the main products of expansion valves of each brand are different.

For example, Danfoss’s main product is a thermal expansion valve, Emerson’s main product is a detachable thermal expansion valve, and Sanhua’s main product is an electronic expansion valve.

Of course, there are many expansion valve brands to choose from, such as Sporlan, STF, DUNAN, Saginomiya, Sina, etc.

Different brand’s thermostatic expansion valves with different features also can be used in refrigeration, refrigerators, display cabinets, freezers, and other HVAC&R applications.

You can talk to a HUBHVACR expert for free to consult which one will be the best for your compressor for the maximum output, as there are many technical calculations.

Check out What is Internal and External Equalizer Expansion Valve(TXV) to choose the right internal and external expansion valves.

Or contact us now to purchase a thermal expansion valve that’s right for you.

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