What is an Electronic Expansion Valve in HVAC&R

What is an Electronic Expansion Valve in HVACR

The types of expansion valves are plentiful, and electronic expansion valves are just one of them.

Electronic expansion valves are the preferred choice for air-conditioning systems, which stems from the quest for comfort.

Electronic expansion valves are relative to thermal expansion valves. Electronic expansion valves are an upgrade of thermal expansion valves. Know more “what is thermal expansion valves

Now let’s find out why electronic expansion valves can be precisely controlled.

In the HVAC&R system, an electronic expansion valve uses electronic controls and a stepper motor to adjust the valve opening.

It is controlled without node limitations and is infinitely variable speed control. Its map graph is a surface rather than a simple point.

So, it can offer precise control over the refrigerant flow based on whatever the system condition is. (How Electronic Expansion Valve Work?)

Electronic expansion valve has the most precise and adaptable control system that makes it a well-suited option for various HVAC&R applications, especially where fine control and efficiency are demanded—for example, Split air conditioners, central air conditioners, walk-in freezers, etc.

Electronic Expansion Valve and Inverter Compressor

In addition, The use of electronic expansion valves is also due to the development of inverter compressors, all industrial accessories are complementary to each other.

Inverter compressors need electronic expansion valves to adjust the compression ratio quickly, and electronic expansion valves need compressors to provide accurate cooling output.

Inverter compressors and electronic expansion valves work perfectly together to deliver comfortable temperatures.

You can check out the compressor products to better understand the relationship between electronic expansion valves and compressors.

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