What Is the Difference Between Refrigeration Units and Condenser Units?


When you are confused between Refrigeration Units and Condenser Units, it means that you don’t know enough about refrigeration systems.

Please check out What is Refrigeration System blog for basic refrigeration system knowledge.

HUBHVACR is a professional manufacturer of refrigeration units.

We can responsibly tell you that Refrigeration Units and Condenser Units are the same.

They have a similar appearance and are composed of a compressor, condenser coil, condenser fan motor, filter dire, and pressure controller (Oil separator, suction accumulator).

The only difference between them is that they are called different names depending on the application.

Now let’s separate what is a refrigeration unit.

What is a Refrigeration Unit?

Refrigeration unit based on its name, we know that it makes cold air or makes the temperature lower.

The refrigeration unit is mainly used in refrigeration equipment such as ice cream machines, Keg coolers, Upright freezers, under-counter refrigerators, cold storage, walk-in fridges, etc. These units only need cold air and not warm air. (Check the refrigeration unit types)

These devices only need cold air and not warm air, so we can call the units used in these refrigeration devices refrigeration units.

You can check out our refrigeration units such as ice cream refrigeration units, keg coolers refrigeration units, cold room refrigeration units, walk-in cooler refrigeration units, etc.

The appearance of refrigeration units used for unused applications is different, but they all work on the same principle.

What is the Condensing Unit?

Now, you have less than half the doubts, right?

Let’s go ahead and clear the rest of the doubts.

According to the word “Condensing unit“, we know that its function is to condense the refrigeration medium, which may be Freon, ammonia, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen.

According to the principle of a refrigeration system, the refrigerant needs to be turned into a liquid before it can be evaporated.

This is why it is called a condenser.

Now you know that a condenser unit is a machine that can be used for cooling and heating equipment.

So when we talk about air conditioners we would say air conditioner condensing unit, not air conditioner refrigeration unit. right?

What Is the Difference between Refrigeration Units and Condenser Units?

A refrigeration unit is a unit used for single refrigeration equipment.

A condensing unit is a unit used for both refrigeration and heating equipment.

But actually, they belong to the same product type.

The only difference is that the application scenarios are different.

In life and work, people usually understand refrigeration and condensing units as the same product.

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