Cold Room Condensing Unit

Cold Room Refrigeration Unit

Your Best Cold Room Refrigeration Unit Manufacturer

Your Best Cold Room Refrigeration Unit Manufacturer

HUBHVACR is your market leader of cold room refrigeration unit manufacturers and suppliers with high-quality materials and precision engineering in the construction of refrigeration units.

We supply an extensive range of models and a series of premium cold room refrigeration units with the world-famous refrigeration parts and compressor brand.

So no matter what your need is, HUBHVACR covers everything. Contact us now for a free quotation.

Cold Room Refrigeration Unit

We are experienced in manufacturing customized cold room refrigeration units with various compressor capacities, cooling capacities, temperatures, and other performance parameters according to your needs.

Cold Room Condensing Unit-Air Cooled
Increase your cold room capabilities with our air-cooled cold room refrigerant unit, with a wide range of capacity from 2KW to 70KW, compressor capacity from 2HP to 50 HP, and different models with several fans. Our refrigeration unit can ensure efficient and rapid cooling for your cold room. Send us your inquiry today.
Cold Room Condensing Unit-Water Cooled
Water-cooled refrigeration units are mostly suitable where air-cooled refrigeration unit is not practical and water is readily available. You can use it in mostly cold rooms, commercial and industrial refrigeration, process cooling manufacturing, ice rinks, and beverage industry, etc. We can customize and design it for your specific atmospheric conditions with different cooling & compressor capacity range and refrigerants types. Send your inquiry today.
Cold Room Refrigeration Unit-Parallel Compressor
If you are concerned about your space but the cooling capacity and technical demand are high, this refrigeration unit with a parallel compressor is the best choice. The cooling capacity usually ranges from 15kw to 450kw and our parallel compressor refrigeration unit can match the exact cooling requirements for your medium and high cold room. There are switches for individual compressors, and individual oil return valves and filters for better control. Send us your inquiry today.
Cold Room Condensing Unit Manufacturer
Why Choose HUBHVACR Cold Room Refrigeration Unit

Why Choose HUBHVACR Cold Room Refrigeration Unit

  • Specialized cold room refrigeration unit manufacturer.
  • 100% original genuine Bitzer compressor
  • Danfoss pressure controller
  • Welding joint anti-rust treatment
  • Optimized component layout
  • Factory price

Cold Room Refrigeration Unit Related Products

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Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors are mainly used in large air conditioning systems, and commercial and industrial refrigeration systems because of their efficiency and access to maintenance. Contact us to learn more.
EK 163S Liquid Line Filter Drier
EK Liquid Line Filter Drier can filter 99.9% acid removal efficiently and contaminant retention during the system cycle. We supply high-quality EK series liquid line filter driers. Contact us today.
Danfoss DMB Bi-flow Filter Drier
Danfoss filter drier is also used to prevent acid formation in the system that requires high moisture removal capacity. It is used in commercial refrigeration applications and air conditioning systems. Contact us today to learn more.
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