HUBHVACR Commercial Building Solution
Commercial Building Solution

Markets We Serve

  • Hotel Building
  • Office Building
  • Shopping Mall Building
  • Swimming Pool Building
  • Restaurant
  • Industrial Building
  • Data Center Buildings
HUBHVACR Hotel Solution

Hotel Solution

The main focus of the hotel is safe, quiet, comfortable, convenient, and fast.

HUBHVACR can provide hotel engineering contractors and managers with:

  • Fresh air system
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Vending equipment
  • Thermostatic hot water heat pump
  • Thermostatic pool heat pump
  • Indoor air purification
  • Commercial refrigerators

Shopping Mall Solution

The space of the mall is open and it needs more powerful refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Screw air conditioning units and centrifugal air conditioning units are the best solutions for HVAC in shopping malls.

HUBHVACR can provide mall engineering contractors and managers with:

  • Semi-hermetic air conditioning units
  • Screw air conditioning units
  • Centrifugal air conditioning units
  • Display cabinets
  • Refrigerated cabinets
HUBHVACR Shopping Mall Solution
HUBHVACR Swimming Pool Solution

Swimming Pool Solution

Commercial pools or gymnasiums need constant water temperature as well as clean water.

HUBHVACR’s all-in-one heat pump is the best choice for commercial swimming pools, it has various functions such as room temperature regulation, water heating, air filtration, dehumidification, and sterilization.

HUBHVACR can provide commercial pool contractors and managers with:

  • All-in-one heat pump
  • Vending equipment

Office Solution

Whether you lease an office building or own one, it needs to be very reliable. So that it can be ready to respond when needed.

HUBHVACR no brazing connection equipment can provide safe, professional, and reliable refrigeration and air conditioning line connections for office buildings.

HUBHVACR can provide office building contractors and managers with:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Braze-free connection process
  • Lokring tool and fittings
HUBHVACR Office Solution
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