CRSS Compressor China

CRSS Compressor China

CRSS Compressor Supplier

Your Best CRSS Compressor Supplier in China

Your reliable CRSS compressor supplier in China, we can provide a full range of CRSS Sanyo compressors to customers worldwide.

It includes a CRSS air conditioning compressor, a CRSS refrigeration compressor, and a horizontal compressor.

So whether you are a wholesaler distributor or manufacturer, we can offer you factory prices. Contact us now.

CRSS Rotary Compressor

CRSS Air Conditioner Compressor
CRSS air conditioner compressor cooling capacity range is 2000-37500BTU/h. Power type is DC220-240V, DC208-230V, DC115V. 220-240V, DC208-230V.
CRSS Commercial Air Conditioner Compressor
CRSS commercial air conditioner compressor cooling capacity range is 18000-82000BTU/h. For compressor model list, please contact HUBHVACR today.
CRSS Refrigeration Compressor
CRSS refrigeration compressor cooling capacity range is 400-5300W. Compressor types include LBP(R404A, R22) and MBP(R404A, R22). For more detail, please contact us now.
Who is CRSS Compressor?

The Sanyo brand has been acquired by Panasonic and a single-brand operation is planned.

As a result, Sanyo compressors are no longer available on the market.

The Sanyo rotary compressor is renamed CRSS compressor and the Sanyo scroll compressor is re-branded to Panasonic.

The model number of the CRSS compressor is the same as that of Sanyo. Only the trademark has been changed.

As your reliable supplier of CRSS Sanyo compressors in China, HUBHVACR can meet your full range of compressor needs. Contact us now.

Who is CRSS Compressor

CRSS LBP R404A Refrigeration Compressor Model List

CRSS LBP R404A DC compressor: C-1RVN30M0A, C-1RVN45L0A, C-6RVN63L0A, C-7RVN113L0A, C-7RVN153L0A.

CRSS LBP R404A 220V: C-RHN75E4A, C-RH75E4A, C-RHN110E4A, C-RN110E4A, C-3RH322L4AAL, C-3R322L4AAL, C-3RH463L4AAL, C-3R463L4AAL, C-RHN75E6A, C-RHN110E6A, C-3RHC322L4AAL.

CRSS LBP R404A 380V: C-RN83L8A, C-RN113L8A, C-3RP322L4AAL, C-RHN153L8A, C-3RP359L4AAL, C-RHN223L8A, C-3RP463L4AAL.

CRSS LBP R404A 200V: C-1RHN43E3A, C-RH63L3A, C-7RHN78L3A, C-RN83L3A, C-RN113L3A, C-RHN113E3A, C-7RHN113L3A, C-RHN153L3A, C-RN173L3A, C-RN173L3B, C-RN223L3A, C-RN223L3B, C-RHN223L3A.

CRSS LBP R404A 100V: C-1RHN40E0A, C-RHN60L0A.

CRSS LBP R22 Refrigeration Compressor Model List

CRSS LBP R22 220V: C-RH75E4A, C-RH110E4A.

CRSS LBP R22 380V: C-R223L8C, C-R173L8B, C-RH173L8A.

CRSS LBP R22 200V: C-RH150L3A, C-RH173L3A, C-R173L3B, C-RH223L3A, C-R223L3C, C-R243L3B.

CRSS LBP R22 380 380-400-415V: C-RH223L9A, C-RH223L8A.

CRSS LBP R22 220V: C-RH170L6A, C-RH220L6A.

CRSS MBP Refrigeration Compressor Model List

R404A: C-6RHVN63M0A, C-7RVN113M0A, C-1RHN60M0A, C-1RHN63M3A, C-7RHN78M3A, C-7RHN113M3A, C-R153L3B, C-R193L3A.

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