HUBHVACR Customized Service

Customized Services

HUBHVACR Customized Services

HUBHVACR custom services include CNC metal fabrication, custom sheet metal, custom bending, custom welded structural parts, custom die casting, custom tube and plate, etc.

In addition, HUBHVACR has an experienced technical team to provide you with technical support.

We can solve the process of machining, welding, bending, and punching of complex shaped structures.

For more custom content, please contact us now.

CNC Metal Machining

  • Compressor terminal board
  • Sight glass frame
  • Bolt
  • Brass valve
  • Stainless steel connector
  • Machined sheet metal
CNC Metal Machining
Custom Pipe Bending

Custom Pipe Bending

  • Copper pipe bending
  • Aluminum tube bending
  • Iron tube bending
  • Stainless steel pipe bending
  • Titanium tube bending
  • Threaded metal pipe bending
  • Shaped metal tube bending

Custom Sheet Metal

  • Air conditioner indoor and outdoor unit shell
  • Ventilation duct brackets
  • Refrigeration unit shelves
  • High and low voltage electrical box
  • Various refrigeration unit shells
  • Various metal bending
Custom Sheet Metal
Custom Welded Structural Parts

Custom Welded Structural Parts

  • Heat exchanger shell
  • Metal bracket
  • Shaped parts welding
  • Ventilation duct supports for residential and commercial buildings
  • Industrial plant girders

Custom Die Castings

  • Semi-hermetic compressor housing
  • Screw compressor housing
  • Compressor intake and exhaust valves
  • cast iron valve
  • Compressor gland
  • Oil tank
Custom Die Castings
Custom Tube Plate

Custom Tube Plate

  • Central air conditioner heat exchanger
  • Water-cooled unit heat exchanger
  • Heat pump unit heat exchanger
  • Honeycomb metal sheet
  • Heat exchanger sealing cover
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