DAIKIN Compressor Supplier

DAIKIN Compressor Supplier

Your Best DAIKIN Compressor Supplier in China

Your Best DAIKIN Compressor Supplier in China

As your reliable compressor supplier, HUBHVACR can provide you with a XIAN factory Daikin compressor and a Suzhou factory Daikin compressor.

In addition, we can provide bulk orders for manufacturers, wholesalers.

For more shipping detail, please contact us now.

DAIKIN VRV Scroll Compressor

DAIKIN scroll compressor displacement range(cc/rev): 26.1-263, refrigeration capacity range 29147.02-238910Btu/h.

It is suitable for R22, R410A, R407C, R404A, etc. For more compressor model numbers, please contact us now.

DAIKIN AC Inverter Scroll Compressor
DAIKIN AC inverter scroll compressor rated power 3HP, compressor displacement 53.9, refrigeration capacity 51877.60Btu/h.
DAIKIN B Series Scroll Compressor
DAIKIN B series scroll compressor rated power 3-6HP, compressor displacement 48.2-108.5, refrigeration capacity 29147.02-69966.5Btu/h.
DAIKIN D Series Scroll Compressor
DAIKIN D series scroll compressor rated power 7-12HP, compressor displacement 89.9-184.2, refrigeration capacity 73379.5-136861.3Btu/h.
DAIKIN G Series Scroll Compressor
DAIKIN G series scroll compressor rated power 3-5.5HP, compressor displacement 26.1-84, refrigeration capacity 28703.33-64437.44Btu/h.
DAIKIN L Series Scroll Compressor
DAIKIN L series scroll compressor rated power 4-6HP, compressor displacement 44.6-64.09, refrigeration capacity 40273.4-58362.3Btu/h.
DAIKIN M Series VRV Scroll Compressor
DAIKIN M series scroll compressor rated power 8.5-25HP, compressor displacement 96.4-263, refrigeration capacity 87031.5-238910Btu/h.
DAIKIN Parallel Series VRV Scroll Compressor
DAIKIN parallel series scroll compressor rated power 5-12HP, compressor displacement 53.9-184.2, refrigeration capacity 31877.42-136861.3Btu/h.
DAIKIN Compressor China
Daikin Rotary Compressor

Daikin Rotary/Swing Compressor

Daikin rotary/swing compressor model numbers: 1YC25CXD, 1YC20AXD, 1YC23RXD, 1YC23SXD, 1YC23AVXD, 1YC23ASXD,  1YC23ASXDD, 1YC23ANXD, 1YC23ANXDD, 1YC23AKXDG, 1YC23ADXDD, 1YC23AKXD, 1YC23ADXD, 1YC23ACXD, 1YC23ACXDG,2YC63YXD, 2YC63RXD, 2YC63MXD, 2YC63LXD, 2YC63GXD, 2YC63CXD, 2YC45MXD, 2YC45GXD, 2YC45YXD, 2YC36DXD, 2YC32VXD, 2YC90HXD, 2YC90EXD, 2YC32UXD, etc.

Daikin AC inverter series compressor model number: JT100BAVTYE, JT100BHV, JT100BHVYE.

Daikin B series compressor model number: JT100BCBV1L, JT100BCBY1L, JT125BC-Y1L, JT125BCBY1L, JT140BCBY1L, JT150BCBY1L, JT160BC-Y1L, JT160BCBY1L, JT200B-BY1L, JT200B-BYE, JT90BC-V1L, JT90BC-Y1L, JT90BCBV1L, JT90BCCV1L, JT90BCCY1L, JT90BH-V1L, JT90BH-Y1L, JT90BHBV1L, JT90BHBY1L, JT90BHCV1L, JT90BHCY1L, JT95BC-V1L, JT95BCBV1L, JT95BCBY1L, JT95BCCY1L, JT95BH-V1L, JT95BH-Y1L, JT95BHBV1L, JT95BHBY1L, JT95BHCV1L, JT95BHCY1L.

Daikin D series compressor model number: JT212D-P1YE, JT212D-Y1L, JT212D-YE, JT212D-Y1, JT236D-P1YE, JT236D-Y1, JT236D-YE, JT236DJ-Y1, JT265D-P1YE, JT265D-Y1L, JT265D-YE, JT265DA-Y1, JT265DJ-Y1, JT300D-P1YE, JT300D-Y1, JT300D-Y1L, JT300D-YE, JT300DA-Y1, JT300DA-Y1L, JT300DGFYE,  JT300DJ-Y1, JT315D-P1YE, JT315D-Y1L, JT315D-YE, JT315DJ-Y1, JT315DJMY1, JT315DKMY1, JT335D-P1YE, JT335D-Y1, JT335D-Y1L, JT335D-YE, JT335DA-Y1, JT335DA-Y1L, JT335DJ-Y1, JT335DJMY1, JT335DKMY1.

Daikin G series compressor model number: JT100G-P8TJ, JT100G-P8VJ, JT100G-P8Y1, JT100G-P8YD, JT100GABV1L, JT100GABY1L, JT10G-P8YZN, JT112G-P8VJ, JT118G-P8TJ, JT118G-P8VJ, JT118G-P8YJ, JT118G-P8YD, JT125G-P4V1, JT125G-P4Y1, JT125G-P8V1, JT125G-P8VJ, JT125G-P8Y1, JT125GA-TAL, JT125GA-V1, JT125GA-Y1, JT125GA-Y1L, JT125GABTAL, JT125GABY1, JT125GABY1L, JT125GBBV1L, JT125GBBY1L, JT12G-P8YZN, JT132GHBY1L, JT132GMBY1L, JT140G-P4Y1, JT140G-P8TJ, JT140G-P8Y1, JT140G-P8YD, JT140GHBY1L, JT140GJBY1L, JT140GHSY1L, JT140GMBY1L, JT14G-P8YZN, JT150GABY1L, JT150GHBY1L, JT160G-P4Y1, JT160G-P8Y1, JT160GA-TAL, JT160GA-Y1, JT160GA-Y1L, JT160GABTAL, JT160GABY1, JT160GABY1L, JT160GAEY1L, JT160GAJY1L, JT160GBBY1L, JT170G-KWTJ, JT170G-KWYD, JT170G-P4Y1, JT170G-P8Y1, JT170GA-TAL, JT170G-Y1, JT170GABTAL, JT170GABY1, JT170GABY1L, JT170GB-Y1L, JT170GBBY1L, JT71G-P4V2, JT71G-P4Y1, JT71G-P8TJ, JT71G-P8VD, JT71G-P8VJ, JT71G-P8Y1, JT85G-P4Y1, JT85G-P8TJ, JT85G-P8VD,  JT85G-P8VJ, JT85G-P8Y1,  JT90G-P4V1N,  JT90G-P8V1N,  JT90G-P8Y1, JT90GA-Y1L, JT90GABV1L, JT90GACV1L, JT90GAGV1L, JT90GAGY1L, JT90GAJV1L, JT90GAJY1L, JT90GB-V1L, JT90GB-Y1L, JT90GBBV1L, JT90GBBY1L, JT95GA-V1L, JT95GABV1L, JT95GABY1L, JT95GACV1L, JT95GACY1L, JT95GAGV1L, JT95GAJV1L, JT95GB-V1L, JT95GB-Y1L, JT95GBBV1L, JT95GBBY1L.

Daikin L series compressor model number: JT125L-P8Y1, JT140L-P8Y1, JT160L-P8Y1, JT180L-P8Y1.

Daikin M series compressor model number: JT265M-Y1, JT300M-Y1, JT355M-Y1, JT400M-P1Y1, JT600M-Y1, JT750M-Y1.

Daikin parallel series compressor model number: JT100BATYE, JT160BATY1L, JT160BATYE, JT212D-TY1L,  JT212D-TYE, JT236D-TY1L, JT236D-TYE, JT65D-TYE, JT300D-TY1L, JT300D-TYE, JT315D-TY1L, JT315D-TYE, JT315DJ-TY1, JT315DJMTY1, JT315DKMTY1, JT335D-TY1L, JT335D-TYE, JT335DJ-TY1, JT335DJMTY1, JT335DKMTY1.

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