Danfoss Expansion Valve

Danfoss Expansion Valve

Your Honest Danfoss Expansion Valve Supplier in China

Genuine Expansion Danfoss Expansion Valve Supplier

Genuine Expansion Danfoss Expansion Valve Supplier

HUBHVACR is your most trustworthy and reliable Danfoss expansion valve supplier in China.

We can solve your needs, requirements, and concerns in the process of selecting or using Danfoss expansion valves, such as price issues, supply chain instability, etc.

Our comprehensive inventory of TXV can meet any requirement of your project. Contact us today for a free quote.

Danfoss TD1 Thermostatic Expansion Valve

Use our Danfoss TD1 thermostatic expansion valves to control liquid injection more efficiently for your industrial fridge, freezers, heat pumps, air dryers, cold rooms, trucks, etc. It’s rated capacity is from 0.87 to 6.86kW and it can be used in most common refrigerant gases including R452A, R454C, R455A, and R513A. Contact us to get the full specification to see which types suits with your project the most.

Danfoss TE2 Thermostatic Expansion Valve

If you are looking for a TXV that reacts fast and precisely to your evaporator temperature changes, you need our Danfoss TE2 Thermostatic Expansion Valve. It is mainly used in both medium and low-temperature refrigeration and air conditioners. Its capacity is rated from 1 to 10.5 kW/ 0.3 to 3.0 TR for CO2 and it will give you trouble-free installation and durability. Contact us now for a wholesale quotation.

Danfoss TE5 Thermostatic Expansion Valve

HUBHVACR provides you with the well-known Danfoss TE5 Thermostatic Expansion Valve with a brass body that has both strength and hardness. It is highly corrosion resistant at the same time and is used in most air conditioning systems and refrigerant gas. You can enjoy a very wide operating range from –60°C to +10°C. Our expansion valve experts can find you the most suitable one for wholesale needs. Contact us now.

Danfoss TGE Thermostatic Expansion Valve

Danfoss TGE Thermostatic Expansion Valve is the perfect fit for small industrial air conditioning, water chillers, heat pumps, and other applications. It can work under a maximum pressure of 46 bar or 667 psig, and its capacity range is 3.5 to 52 TR (12 to 182 kW) R410A. If you need a fixed orifice type and superheat adjustable expansion valve, Contact HUBHVACR right now.

Danfoss Refrigerant Expansion Valve (3)

  • Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valve R22

    Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valve R22 / R407C is a hermetic TXV for R22, with a capacity range of 1.5 to 2 Ton, and an orifice size of 4. Its maximum working pressure is 49 bar and 1500mm capillary tube length. It can be used in AC systems, heat pumps, refrigerated containers, etc.

  • Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valve R134A

    Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valve can go with both R134A and R513A and is mainly used in AC Systems, Cold Room, Heat Pump, Water Chiller, and other refrigeration systems used in transportation. It has brass connection material and internal pressure equalization.

  • Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valve R410A

    Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valve R410A has a 4.5 to 5 Ton capacity with 31.5″ capillary tube length. It includes a bulb strap, flare 3/8″ connector and application includes Bus A/C, Rooftop units, Heat pumps, and Refrigerated containers.

Danfoss Electronic Expansion Valves
Danfoss Electronic Expansion Valves Supplier

Your professional supplier of Danfoss Electronic Expansion Valves, Danfoss thermostatic expansion valves, Danfoss TE2 expansion valve, Danfoss expansion valve R22, Danfoss expansion valve R134A, Danfoss expansion valve R410A, and Danfoss expansion valve R134A.

In addition to the Thermostatic Expansion Valve,  we can also provide a Danfoss electronic expansion valve.

We also provide both before-sales consultation and after-sales support including installation manual, technical direction, repair, and maintenance.

We also establish a special spare parts distribution channel with you to support your lifetime, for example supplying Danfoss Filter Drier, EK Filter Drier, or other thermostatic expansion valve.

Danfoss Electronic Expansion Valve Supplier in China

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