Emerson Thermostatic Expansion Valve Supplier

Emerson Thermostatic Expansion Valve

Your Honest Emerson Thermostatic Expansion Valve Supplier in China

Your Right Emerson Thermostatic Expansion Valve Supplier

Your Right Emerson Thermostatic Expansion Valve Supplier

Supplying high-quality Emerson thermostatic expansion valves for different cooling capacities and different types of refrigerants is one of our main strengths as an HVACR industry leader in China.

HUBHVACR is your last expansion valve expert for household and commercial units, with guaranteed reliability, high technical support, and a fast overseas shipping network.

We provide a complete series of Emerson Thermostatic Expansion Valves to meet any demand of your project. Contact the HUBHVACR expert today.

Emerson A Series Thermostatic Expansion Valves

We offer leak-free construction and corrosion-resistant Emerson thermostatic expansion valves that prevent failure. We have a complete selection of Emerson A series thermostatic expansion valves for any heat pump, AC, food service, and commercial applications. Contact us right now.

Emerson B Series Thermostatic Expansion Valves

The Emerson  B series refrigerant expansion valve has a balanced ported design compensating for operating pressure changes. We can supply a bulk amount of thermostatic expansion valves to fulfill your requirements at an affordable price. Contact us today.

Emerson TCLE Series Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Our TCLE series of Emerson thermostatic expansion valves are ideal for any field replacement of AC, heat pump, refrigeration, and other original equipment applications. It has external superheat adjustment and B-flow capability with up to 18 tons of power assembly. Send your free quotation for more specifications.

Emerson TFES Series Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Suppose you need an Emerson TFES Thermal Expansion Valve, whether 16-ton, straight-through, or any other specification; HUBHVACR can meet your needs. Suppose you run a large tonnage heat pump, AC, or commercial refrigeration applications. In that case, our TFES refrigerant expansion valve can be your best choice. Send your inquiry now.

Emerson TIE Series Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Emerson TIE series Thermostatic Expansion Valves’ cooling capacity ranges from 0.4 to 14.2kW; maximum operating pressure is 45 bar, suitable for your various refrigerants, including R404A. If you need refrigeration applications, supermarket display cabinets, moveable and extended freezers, cold storage, etc, this TIE series can be the best choice. Contact now.

Emerson TRAE Series Thermostatic Expansion Valves

This series refrigerant expansion valve’s capacity is more extensive and mainly used in chiller, heat pump, refrigeration, and AC applications. Capillary tube length has various options like 5 Ft, 20 Ft, and different tons of nominal capacity. HUBHVACR is ready to ship a vast selection to fulfill your demands. Contact now.

Other Brands Thermostatic Expansion Valve (8)

  • Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valve R22

    Browse the full selection of Danfoss thermostatic expansion valves to ensure precise operation and longer service life for your refrigeration applications. We are the authorized & trusted supplier of the renowned brand Danfoss to serve global market demand. Contact us now.

  • Sporlan SVE Series Thermostatic Expansion Valve

    Want to ensure excellent rust and corrosion prevention for your expansion valve? We have an extensive collection of high-strength silver welded connector Sporlan Thermostatic Expansion Valves to meet your urgent bulk needs. Contact now.

  • Saginomiya Thermostatic Expansion Valve

    We supply Sagionomiya Thermostatic expansion valve models like SCX, QCX, RCX, ATX, etc, for wider refrigerant choices, including R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, and applications like water chillers, transport refrigeration, refrigeration display case, commercial refrigerator, bottle cooler, ice making machine, etc. Contact us now.

  • DunAn Thermostatic Expansion Valve

    HUBHVACR can meet your demand for a DUNAN thermostatic expansion valve for small and medium-sized refrigeration, ice makers, heat pumps, ACs, etc. We can provide all series and models, both fixed angleway type DUNAN thermostatic expansion valves and adjustable straightway type expansion valves. Contact us now.

  • Hongsen Thermostatic Expansion Valve

    Hongsen Thermostatic Expansion Valve gives temperature ranges from -40 F to +50 F and has flare inlet & outlet connection features. Contact your one-stop Hongsen expansion valve supplier, HUBHVACR, today for an extensive range of external equalization thermostatic expansion valves.

  • SANHUA Thermostatic Expansion Valve

    Control overheating and optimize your HVAC and refrigeration application’s functioning with the SANHUA Thermostatic Expansion Valve. Many series and models are available to give you the highest efficiency and adjust the mass flow of refrigerant in your application. Contact now.

  • Sinz Thermostatic Expansion Valve

    Sinz Thermostatic Expansion Valve also has the same quality and efficiency as Danfoss. Still, it is affordable in price and very easy to install. Applications are high and low-pressure oil table cold storage refrigeration units, etc. Contact us now.

  • STF Thermostatic Expansion Valve

    We supply all STF Thermostatic Expansion Valves series, including TB, SME, NRFE, RTE, and RTB series, with bi-directional throttle functions used in heat pumps, AC, freezing, and refrigeration systems.

Your Honest Emerson Thermostatic Expansion Valve Supplier in China
Emerson Thermostatic Expansion (TXV) Valve

Emerson Thermostatic Expansion Valve One-stop Service

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