Frascold Semi hermetic Compressor

Frascold Semi hermetic Compressor

Frascold Semi hermetic Compressor Supplier

Frascold Semi hermetic Compressor Supplier

Are you looking for an authorized Frascold Semi-Hermetic Compressor Supplier & distributor with an extensive network of cutting-edge compressor collections?

Our factory-trained service technicians have built our reputation worldwide for supplying high-quality & precision-crafted Frascold semi-hermetic compressors.

If you need individual or multi-compressor cascade systems for various applications, HUBHVACR can offer you any bulk amount.

In addition to the original frescoed semi-hermetic compressor, we provide all replacement Frascold semi-hermetic compressors at affordable wholesale prices with full-phase after-sales service. Contact us today.

Frascold Semi-hermetic Reciprocating Compressor

Frascold Semi Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors Standard Series
When your need is for different application types like business, commercial, and transportation refrigeration or process cooling, our solution is more than 80 different types of models of this series. This Semi-hermetic standard series of Franscold compressors can maintain a mechanical balance that minimizes vibration and runs extremely quietly, ensuring fewer vibrations and less noise. Contact us today for a free quote.
Frascold Semi Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors ATEX Series
Our reciprocating ATEX series of Frascold semi-hermetic compressors can go comfortably with process cooling and industrial & commercial refrigeration. All models in this series have the top capability and can run unloaded indefinitely with zero noise or vibration. A single model can be used for medium—and low-temperature applications. Contact us for the primary technical data and specifications of this series.
Frascold Semi Hermetic Reciprocating Compressors Two Statge
When your entire system requires high cooling power and high efficiency, you should explore our 20 models in a two-stage Frascold semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors series. You can use HCFC - HFC-type refrigerants in both low-temperature and deep-freezing applications. Different displacement and motor power are available with various size variations like S size 25,2 - 26,9 m³/h, V size 41,9 - 61,57 m³/h, and Z size 58,8 - 123,1 m³/h, etc. Contact us now.

Frascold Semi Hermetic Screw Compressor (4)

  • Frascold Semi hermetic Screw Compressor CX Air Series

    Our Frascold semi-hermetic screw compressor CX Air series is for an application that needs high compression ratios, such as an air-cooled unit in applications like hospitals, Gyms, Sports Centers, Schools, offices, Banks, Shopping malls, data centers, etc. It can use R290, R134a, and R513 refrigerants; its displacement is 117,1 – 588,5 cfm. It is designed with a 3-stage oil separation system and can significantly increase efficiency under partial loads. Contact us now.

  • Frascold Semi hermetic Screw Compressor CX Water Series

    CX Water series of Frascold semi-hermetic screw compressors uses R1234ze, R134a, and R513 refrigerants and different size’s displacement are 199 – 370 m³/h, 428 – 538 m³/h, 620 – 1085 m³/h. We have 12 models available in this CX water series with different specifications. All connection and control elements are on one side, so the installation and maintenance are easy. Contact us now.

  • Frascold Semi hermetic Screw Compressor EVO Series

    Our Frascold semi-hermetic screw compressor CX EVO series comes with six different models of volumetric displacement from 620 m3/h to 1085 m3/h. The three-stage oil separation system in this series increases and protects lubrication and minimizes leaks. It has very low oil entrainment and ensures high-performing and long-lasting operation. Request more information about this series for free.

  • Frascold Semi hermetic Screw Compressor Magnetic Series

    For any application that involves heat pumps, process cooling, and AC, this magnetic series of Frascold semi-hermetic compact screw compressors is a perfect match. It meets European Eco-design Tier 2 parameters and is ideal for applications like the plastic industry, hotels, data centers, schools, etc. The magnetic series gives you a soft start and a wide range of operation and inverter speeds between 1000 and 5400 rpm. Contact us now for more details.

Alternative Brand Semi-hermetic Compressor (3)

  • Blait Briliant Semi-hermetic Reciprocating Compressor-2 Cylinder

    40As an alternative brand of Frascold semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor, we also supply Blait Brilliant Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor with two-cylinder, small four-cylinder, medium four-cylinder, large four-cylinder, and six-cylinder variations. It has flexible requirements for refrigerants like R22, R404A, R507A, and other refrigerants. Contact us now.

  • Blait Briliant Semi-hermetic Reciprocating Compressor-Two Stage

    You can also use the Blait Brilliant Two-Stage Semi-Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor as the alternative to the Frascold semi-hermetic reciprocating two-stage compressor that can be 12 HP or 30 HP per your requirements. It is small, lightweight, and efficient. Working conditions such as high, medium, and low temperatures differ. Contact us now.

  • Blait Briliant Semi-hermetic Screw Compressor (Exhaust Volume84-118m3/h)

    Our Blait Brilliant Semi-Hermetic Screw Compressor is also can be used as the Frascold semi-hermetic screw compressor that can be used under medium and low-temperature working conditions. It is mainly famous for its energy-saving features and environmental friendliness. Contact us today.

Alternative Semi hermetic Reciprocating and Screw Compressor Supplier
Alternative Semi-hermetic Reciprocating Screw Compressor

Why Choose HUBHVACR Semi-hermetic Compressor?

HUBHVACR semi-hermetic compressors of many brands like Frascold also need many spare parts and elements that are available to us.

  • We ensure you a wide range of applications, whether it’s supermarket refrigeration, cold storage, or process cooling; our semi-hermetic compressor delivers consistent results.
  • You have nothing to lose with our durable construction, industry-leading efficiency, and peace of mind warranty.
  • We also have customized semi-hermetic compressors at affordable wholesale prices with customized specific capacities, voltage configurations, etc.
  • We ensure you always get proper technical expertise and support with compressor selection, installation guidance, and ongoing maintenance tips to ensure optimal performance.

We are more than your semi-hermetic compressor supplier, offering comprehensive services to support your Frascold semi-hermetic needs.

Explore our wide range of valves that can be used for Frascold semi-hermetic compressors, such as ball valve, piston check valve, check valve, reservoir pressure valve, constant pressure valve, solenoid valve, steel roto lock valve, thermostatic expansion valve, reversing valve, etc. Contact us now.

Frascold Semi hermetic Compressor Valves

Our different types of filter driers, like Sintering filter element filter driers, partide filter driers, particle filter driers, bi-flow filter driers, burned filter driers, etc, are available to suit different semi-hermetic compressor models.

Our team of experts is ready to provide technical guidance and support when selecting the correct parts for your compressor system.

Frascold Semi hermetic Compressor and Filter Drier


Our best-quality suction accumulator with heat exchange functionality is an essential component for semi-hermetic reciprocating and semi-hermetic screw compressors.

It has heat exchange capability for improved system performance and enhanced efficiency by removing excess refrigerant and oil from the suction line. You can get different suction line accumulators like the 40XX and 44XX series.

Frascold Semi hermetic Compressor and Suction Accumulator

Our oil separators, like detachable oil separators, oil storage separators, etc, will ensure the longevity and efficiency of your Frascold semi-hermetic compressor.

These separators effectively remove oil from the refrigerant, maintaining proper lubrication and performance, preventing oil from circulating through the system, and ensuring adequate lubrication of compressor parts.

If you need specific configurations or customized solutions, we offer customization options to meet your unique requirements.

Frascold Semi hermetic Compressor and Oil Separator

Our liquid receivers are designed to store refrigerant during low-load conditions and ensure a steady flow when the system demands it.

You can choose from various sizes and types, like horizontal liquid receivers, vertical liquid receivers, etc., to suit your specific system requirements and ensure a constant and reliable refrigerant supply.

Our one-stop support includes installation support, from installation guides to on-site assistance. We provide a smooth and efficient setup process for your compressor components.

Frascold Semi hermetic Compressor and Liquid Receiver

Protect your compressor from vibrations and shocks with our high-quality shock absorbers for your Frascold semi-hermetic reciprocating and screw compressor.

These components help prolong the life of your compressor by reducing stress and wear. We also ensure your compressor runs smoothly with our maintenance tips and repair services, and that’s why our one-stop service also helps you minimize downtime and maximize performance.

Frascold Semi hermetic Compressor and Shock Absorber

With our pressure controllers, you can maintain optimal pressure levels within your refrigeration system, ensuring safe and efficient operation by monitoring and adjusting pressure levels to prevent overloading and protect your equipment from damage.

Wherever you are, we can deliver our global shopping services to get the needed parts safely and at affordable shipping rates.

Frascold Semi hermetic Compressor and Pressure Controller

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