Insulated Copper Pipe Supplier in China
Insulated Copper Pipe Supplier in China

What Can We Do for You?

As your reliable insulated copper pipe supplier, we can provide you with pe foam pipe insulation, pre-insulated copper tube, polyethylene pipe insulation, etc.

HUBHVACR insulated copper pipe and pipe insulated can be used for split-type air conditioning pipe insulation, central air conditioning pipe insulation, hot water pipe insulation, cold water pipe insulation, plumbing pipe insulation, refrigerant pipe insulation, etc.

In addition, we can also provide you with pipe insulation foam of regular pipe diameter, such as 10mm, 15mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm, 42mm, 50mm, etc.

If you have a customized need for an insulated copper pipe or pipe insulation foam, please contact us now.

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Why Choose HUBHVACR Insulated Copper Pipe?

Copper Pipe Material/Standards

The copper tube adopts continuous casting and rolling production line, which produces copper tubes with a smooth inner wall and no burr and uniform wall thickness.

Insulated copper tube meets:

Japan JISH3300:2006 C1220T standard
Australian AS/NZS 1571 standard
American ASTM B280-03 standard
European EN 12735-1 standard
French EN 12735-1 standard

Each meter of copper pipe is tested with DB flaw detection equipment to eliminate defects.

The copper tubes we use are guaranteed for more than ten years.

Copper Pipe Material
Copper Pipe Insulation Material
Copper Pipe Insulation Material/Standards

Copper pipe insulation is designed with three layers, so it has good insulation performance and high corrosion resistance.

It has an operating temperature range of -40°C ~ 150°C.

Copper pipe insulation is made of UNIPE as raw material, and the process adopts closed-cell foam and one-time molding technology, with no interface cracks in the pipe wall.

Copper tube insulation meets:

  • Japan JIS A9511 2009 A-PE-C-2 PEF8/JCDA0009
  • Australian AS/NZS 1530.3 standard
  • American UL94 HF-1 standard
  • European EN 13501-1 BL-s1-d0 standard
  • French EN 13501-1 M1 standard
Insulated Copper Pipe Performance

JIS-A9511 Certification

M1 flame-retardant Certification

SGS Certification

Vacuum water absorption (g/100cm²): ≤ 0.01

Tensile strength(N): 260

Shrinkage(120℃): ≤ 7%

Thermal conductivity W/m.K(Kcal/m.h.℃): ≤ 0.043(0.037)

Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Insulated Copper Pipe Flame Retardant Rating
How to Choose the Right Thickness of Copper Pipe Insulation?

How to Choose the Right Thickness of Copper Pipe Insulation

Rubber vs Foam Pipe Insulation

Rubber Pipe Insulation

Raw Materials: NBR/PVC

Color: Black

Electrical insulation: Poor

Corrosion performance: Poor

Environmental requirements: Non-recyclable

Working temperature: -40℃~105℃

PE Foam Pipe Insulation

Raw Materials: Polyethylene plastic

Color: White(Color)

Electrical insulation: Good

Corrosion performance: Good

Environmental requirements: Recyclable

Working temperature: -40℃~170℃

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