Kulthorn Compressor Supplier

Kulthorn Kirby Compressor Supplier

Your Reliable Kulthorn Compressor Supplier in China

Your Reliable Kulthorn Compressor Supplier in China

HUBHVACR can offer you reciprocating piston compressors in bulk with 100% genuine guarantee Kulthorn/Bristol Kirby compressors.

It can be used for R134A, R290, R404A, R507, R22, R410A refrigerant. For more compressor details, contact us now.

Kulthorn KK R134A/R290 Reciprocating Compressor

Kulthorn KK reciprocating piston compressor displacement range(cc): 2.73-53.5(R134A), 3.59-30.5(R290), 3.59-211(R404A/R507), 4.5-211(R22), 25.8-50.6(R410A).

For more cooling capacity detail, please contact HUBHVACR now.

Kulthorn 220-240V 100V R134A LBP Compressor
AZA1320Y, AZA1327Y, AZA1330Y, AZA1335Y, AZA1340Y, AZA2340Y, AZA1350Y, AZA2350Y, AZA1360Y, AZA2360Y, AZA1370Y, AZA2370Y, AE1370Y, AE2370Y, AE1390Y, AE2390Y, AE2410Y, AE2413Y, AE2416Y, AE2417Y, AZA1320Y-3, AZA1330Y-3, AE2360Y-3, AE2370Y-3, AE2390Y-3, AE2415Y-3.
Kulthorn 115V 110V R134A LBP Compressor
AZA1320Y-1, AZA1327Y-1, AZA1330Y-1, AZA1335Y-1, AZA1340Y-1, AZA2340Y-1, AZA1350Y-1, AZA1360Y-1, AZA2360Y-1, AZA1370Y-1, AE2410Y-1, AE2413Y-1, AZA1320Y-4, AZA1330Y-4, AZA1335Y-4, AZA1340Y-4, AZA1360Y-4, AZA2360Y-4.
Kulthorn 208-230V 220-240V R134A LBP Compressor
AZA1320Y-2, AZA1327Y-2, AZA1330Y-2, AZA1335Y-2, AZA1340Y-2, AZA1350Y-2, AZA1360Y-2, AE1370Y-2, AE1390Y-2, AE2370Y-2, AE2390Y-2, AE2410Y-2, AE2413Y-2, AZA1330Y-6, AZA1335Y-6, AZA1350Y-6, AZA1360Y-6, AZA1370Y-6, AZA1370Y-6, AE1390Y-6.
Kulthorn 220-240V 115V R134A MBP CBP Compressor
AZA0349Y, AZA9349Y, AZA0387Y, AZA9387Y, AZA0411Y, AZA9411Y, AZA0413YK, AZA9413Y, AE9437Y, BA9426Y, BA9430Y, CA9440Y, CA9445Y, WJ9450YK, WJ9460YK, WJ9470Y, AZA0349Y-1, AZA0370Y-1, AZA0387Y-1, AZA9387Y-1, AZA0411Y-1, AZA0413YK-1, AZA9413Y-1, AE7423Y-1, AE7426Y-1, AE9437Y-1, CA9440Y-1, CA9445Y-1, WJ9440YK-1, WJ9445YK-1, WJ9460YK-1.
Kulthorn 220-240V 208-230V R134A MBP CBP Compressor
AZA0387Y-2, AZA0413YK-2, AZA9413Y-2, AE0412Y-2, AE9437Y-2, CA9440Y-2, CA9445Y-2, WJ9440YK-2, WJ9445YK-2, WJ9450Y-2, WJ9460YK-2, AZA0413YK-3, AZA9387Y-6, AZA0411Y-6, AZA9411Y-6, CA9437Y-6, CA9445Y-6.
Kulthorn 220-240V 115V R134A HBP Compressor
AZA3414Y, AZA4414Y, AZA3417Y, AZA4417Y, AZA3423Y, AZA3425Y, AZA4425Y, AE3425Y, AE4425Y, AE4430Y, AE4435Y, AE4440Y, AE4448Y, AE4459Y, AW4495YK, AW4513YK, AW4514YK, AW4515YK, AW4517YK, AZA3414Y-1, AZA4414Y-1, AE3417Y-1, AE3425Y-1, AE4425Y-1, AE4430Y-1, AE4440Y-1, AE4448Y-1, AE4459Y-1.
Kulthorn 208-230V 100V 110V R134A HBP Compressor
AZA3414Y-2, AE3417Y-2, AE3425Y-2, AE4425Y-2, AE3430Y-2, AE4440Y-2, AE4448Y-2, AE4459Y-2, AW4495YK-2, AW4513YK-2, AW4517YK-2, AE4430Y-2, AE4448Y-3, AE4440Y-3, AE4430Y-3, AE4425Y-3, AZA3414Y-4, AE4425Y-4, AE4430Y-4, AE4440Y-4, AE4448Y-4.
Kulthorn R290 LBP MBP CBP Compressor
AZA2410N, AZA2413N, AE2417N, AE2425N, AE2428N, CA2435N, WJ2450N, AE2415N-1, AE2417N-1, AE2425N-1, BA2432N-1, CA2435N-1, WJ2440N-1, WJ2450N-1, WJ2440N-2, WJ2450N-2, AE9415N, AE9422N, AE9426N, AE9435N, AE9440N, AE9445N, AE9450N, AZA0410N-1, AZA0413N-1, AZA0416N-1, AE9422N-1, AE9426N-1, AE9430N-1, AE9440N-1, AE9422N-2, AE9426N-2, AE9430N-2, AE9435N-2, AE9440N-2.

Kulthorn KK R404A/R507 Reciprocating Piston Compressor (5)

  • Kulthorn 220-240V 115V 110V R404A R507 LBP Compressor

    AZA2360Z, AZA2370Z, AZA2410Z, AE2410ZK, AE2413ZK, AE2416ZK, AE2420ZK, AE2425ZK, AE2428ZK, AE2432ZK, CA2432Z, CA2435Z, CA2440Z, WJ2450ZK, WJ2455ZK, WJ2460Z, AW2450ZK, AW2462ZK, AW2464ZK, AW2495ZK, AE2410Z-1, AE2413Z-1, AE2420Z-1, AE2425Z-1, CA2432Z-1, CA2435Z-1, WJ2450Z-1, WJ2455Z-1, AE2410ZK-3, AE2413ZK-3.

  • Kulthorn 208-230V 380-420V R404A R507 LBP Compressor

    AE2410ZK-2, AE2413ZK-2, AE2416ZK-2, AE2420ZK-2SR, AE2425ZK-2SR, AE2428ZK-2SR, CA2432Z-2, CA2435Z-2, CA2440Z-2, WJ2440Z-2, WJ2450Z-2, WJ2455Z-2, AW2450ZK-2, AW2462ZK-2, AW2464ZK-2, AW2495ZK-2, AW2510ZK-2, KA2512Z-2, AW2450Z-9, AW2464Z-9, AW2495Z-9, AW2510Z-9, AW2512ZXG, AW2450ZXI, AW2464ZXI, AW2495ZXI, AW2510ZXI.

  • Kulthorn 220-240V 208-230V R404A R507 MBP CBP Compressor

    AE7430Z, BA7440Z, BA7443Z, BA7452Z, CA7459Z, CA7475Z, WJ9485Z, WJ9490Z, WJ9510Z, WJ9513Z, AW7512Z, AW7514Z, AW9516Z, BA7440Z-2, BA7443Z-2, BA7452Z-2, BA7459Z-2, CA9465Z-2, WJ9470Z-2, AW7512Z-2, AW7514Z-2, AW7516Z-2, AW9516Z-2, AW7524Z-2, BA7440Z-1.

  • Kulthorn 380-420V 200-220V R404A R507 MBP CBP Compressor

    AW7512Z-9, AW7514Z-9, AW7516Z-9, KA9522ZXG, KA9524ZXG, KA9528ZXG, KA9531ZXG, KA9535ZXG, KA9540ZXG, WJ9485ZXT, WJ9490ZXT, WJ9510ZXT, AW7512ZXT, AW7514ZXT, AW7516ZXT, AW7524ZXT, KA9524ZXT, KA9531ZXT, KA9535ZXT.

  • Kulthorn R404A R507 HBP Compressor

    AE4430Z, AE4435Z, AE4440Z, AW4522Z, GA4516Z, AW4524Z, GA4519Z, AW4534Z, GA4522Z, AW4538Z, AE4440Z-1, AE4430Z-2, AW4524ZXG, AW5524Z-9, AW5526Z-9, AW5534Z-9, AW5538Z-9, AW5540Z-9, AW5545Z-9, KA5542ZXG, KA5544ZXG, KA5552ZXG, KA5558ZXG, KA5564ZXG, KA5572ZXG, LA5590ZXG, LA5610ZXG, LA5612ZXG, KA5542ZXT, KA5555ZXT, KA5562ZXT.

Kulthorn KK R22/R410A Reciprocating Piston Compressor (6)

  • Kulthorn 220-240V 200-220V R22 HBP AC Compressor

    WJ5510EK, WJ5513EK, WJ5515EK, WJ5516EK, WJ5518EK, AW5515EK, AW5517EK, AW5519EK, AW5520EK, AW5522EK, AW5524EK, AW5528EK, AW5530EK, AW5532EK, AW5535EK, AW5538E, AW5542E, KA5550EXT, KA5555EXT, LA5590EXT, LA5610EXT,LA5612EXT.

  • Kulthorn 220-240V 208-230V R22 HBP AC Compressor

    WJ5510EK-2, WJ5513EK-2, WJ5515EK-2, WJ5516EK-2, WJ5518EK-2, AW5513EK-2, AW5515EK-2, AW5517EK-2, AW5519EK-2, AW5520EK-2, AW5522EK-2, AW5524EK-2, AW5528EK-2, AW5530EK-2, AW5532EK-2, AW5535EK-2, AW5538E-2, AW5515EK-6, AW5520EK-6, AW5522EK-6, AW5528EK-6, AW5530EK-6.

  • Kulthorn 380-420V 460V 380V R22 HBP AC Compressor

    AW5522E-9, AW5524E-9, AW5528E-9, AW5530E-9, AW5532E-9, AW5535E-9, AW5538E-9, AW5542E-9, KA5538EXG, KA5542EXG, KA5550EXG, KA5555EXG, KA5560EXG, KA5570EXG, LA5590EXG, LA5610EXG, LA5612EXG, KA5560EXI, LA5590EXI, LA5610EXI, LA5612EXI, KA5550EXT, KA5555EXT, LA5590EXT, LA5610EXT, LA5612EXT.

  • Kulthorn KK R22 HBP Compressor

    AE3422EK, AE4422EK, AE4430EK, AE4440EK, AE4448EK, AE4474EK, GA4513E, GA4518E, AW4515EK, AW4517EK, AW4519EK, AW4520EK, AW4522EK, AW4524EK, AW4528EK, AW4530EK, AW4532EK, AE4430EK-2, AE4440EK-2, AE4448EK-2, AE4474EK-2, AW4528EK-2, AW4532EK-2, AE4430EK-4, AE4440EK-4, AE4448EK-4.

  • Kulthorn KK R22 MBP CBP Compressor

    AE7415EK, AE7422EK, AE9422EK, AE7426EK, AE7435EK, AE7440EK, AE7445EK, CA7457G, WJ9460EK, WJ9470EK, WJ9480EK, WJ9485EK, WJ9510EK, WJ9513E, AE7415EK-2, AE7422EK-2, AE7426EK-2, AE7435EK-2, AE7440EK-2, AE7445E-2, WJ9460E-2, AE7415EK-4, AE7422EK-4, AE7426EK-4.

  • Kulthorn KK R410A HBP AC Compressor

    Kulthorn KK compressor model number AW5517B, AW5520B, AW5522B, AW5524B, AW5528B, AW5530B, AW5532B, AW5535B, AW5540B, AW5542B, AW5517B-2, AW5520B-2, AW5524B-2, AW5530B-2, AW5532B-2, AW5535B-2, AW5540B-2.

Kulthorn Kirby KPC Compressor (9)

  • Kulthorn Kirby KPC Compressor C-QN Series

    C-QN30L0, C-QN40L0, C-QN50L0, C-QN60L0, C-QN75L0, C-QN90L0, C-QN30L1, C-QN40L1, C-QN50L1, C-QN60L1, C-QN75L1, C-QN90L1, C-QN30L2, C-QN40L2, C-QN50L2, C-QN60L2, C-QN75L2, C-QN90L2, C-QN30L5, C-QN40L5, C-QN50L5, C-QN60L5, C-QN75L5, C-QN90L5, C-QN30L6, C-QN40L6, C-QN50L6, C-QN60L6, C-QN75L6, C-QN90L6, C-QN30L7, C-QN40L7, C-QN50L7, C-QN60L7, C-QN75L7, C-QN90L7.

  • Kulthorn Kirby KPC Compressor C-QE Series

    C-QE30L0, C-QE40L0, C-QE50L0, C-QE60L0, C-QE75L0, C-QE90L0, C-QE30L1, C-QE40L1, C-QE50L1, C-QE60L1, C-QE75L1, C-QE90L1, C-QE30L2, C-QE40L2, C-QE50L2, C-QE60L2, C-QE75L2, C-QE90L2, C-QE30L5, C-QE40L5, C-QE50L5, C-QE60L5, C-QE75L5, C-QE90L5, C-QE30L6, C-QE40L6, C-QE50L6, C-QE60L6, C-QE75L6, C-QE90L6, C-QE30L7, C-QE40L7, C-QE50L7, C-QE60L7, C-QE75L7, C-QE90L7.

  • Kulthorn Kirby KPC Compressor C-BZN Series

    C-BZN50L0, C-BZN90L0, C-BZN110L0, C-BZN150L0, C-BZN160L0, C-BZN175L0, C-BZN200L0, C-BZN50L1, C-BZN90L1, C-BZN110L1, C-BZN150L1, C-BZN160L1, C-BZN175L1, C-BZN200L1, C-BZN60L2, C-BZN75L2, C-BZN91L2, C-BZN100L2, C-BZN124L2, C-BZN141L2, C-BZN151L2, C-BZN175L2, C-BZN201L2, C-BZN50L5, C-BZN60L5, C-BZN75L5, C-BZN90L5, C-BZN100L5, C-BZN110L5, C-BZN120L5, C-BZN140L5, C-BZN150L5, C-BZN175L5, C-BZN201L5, C-BZN250L5.

  • Kulthorn Kirby KPC Compressor C-BZN Series 200-220V 110V

    C-BZN50L6, C-BZN60L6, C-BZN75L6, C-BZN90L6, C-BZN100L6, C-BZN110L6, C-BZN120L6, C-BZN140L6, C-BZN150L6, C-BZN175L6, C-BZN200L6, C-BZN60L7, C-BZN100L7, C-BZN150L7, C-BZN175L7, C-BZN120M0Z, C-BZN250M2, C-BZN60M5, C-BZN250M5, C-BZN150M6Z, C-BZN250M6Z, C-BZN250H5Z, C-BZN150H6Z, C-BZN250H6Z.

  • Kulthorn Kirby KPC Compressor C-BE Series

    C-BE50L0, C-BE90L0, C-BE175L0, C-BE200L0, C-BE50L1, C-BE90L1, C-BE175L1, C-BE200L1, C-BE100L2, C-BE110L2, C-BE120L2, C-BE140L2, C-BE175L2, C-BE75L5, C-BE90L5, C-BE100L5, C-BE110L5, C-BE120L5, C-BE140L5, C-BE150L5, C-BE175L5, C-BE201L5, C-BE50L6, C-BE75L6, C-BE90L6, C-BE100L6, C-BE110L6, C-BE140L6, C-BE150L6, C-BE175L6.

  • Kulthorn Kirby KPC Compressor C-BF Series

    C-BF120L0, C-BF140L0, C-BF200L0, C-BF120L1, C-BF140L1, C-BF200L1, C-BF90L2, C-BF110L2, C-BF120L2, C-BF140L2, C-BF150L2, C-BF175L2, C-BF75L5, C-BF110L5, C-BF120L5, C-BF140L5, C-BF150L5, C-BF175L5, C-BF200L5, C-BF50L6, C-BF75L6, C-BF90L6, C-BF110L6, C-BF120L6, C-BF140L6, C-BF150L6, C-BF175L6, C-BF75L7.

  • Kulthorn Kirby KPC Compressor C-BR Series

    C-BR225L0, C-BR250L0, C-BR300L0, C-BR350L0, C-BR400L0, C-BR425L0, C-BR225L1, C-BR250L1, C-BR300L1, C-BR350L1, C-BR400L1, C-BR425L1, C-BR225L2, C-BR250L2, C-BR300L2, C-BR350L2, C-BR400L2, C-BR425L2, C-BR225L5, C-BR250L5, C-BR300L5, C-BR400L5, C-BR425L5, C-BR350L5, C-BR225L6, C-BR250L6, C-BR300L6, C-BR350L6, C-BR400L6, C-BR425L6, C-BR225L7, C-BR250L7, C-BR400L7, C-BR300L7, C-BR350L7, C-BR425L7.

  • Kulthorn Kirby KPC Compressor C-BHR Series 100V 110V 115-127V

    C-BHR200L0, C-BHR225L0, C-BHR325L0, C-BHR350L0, C-BHR250L0, C-BHR400L0, C-BHR200L1, C-BHR225L1, C-BHR350L1, C-BHR325L1, C-BHR250L1, C-BHR400L1, C-BHR150L2, C-BHR225L2, C-BHR200L2, C-BHR170L2, C-BHR350L2, C-BHR325L2, C-BHR250L2, C-BHR400L2.

  • Kulthorn Kirby KPC Compressor C-BHR Series 200-220V 220-240V

    C-BHR200L6, C-BHR225L6, C-BHR350L6, C-BHR325L6, C-BHR250L6, C-BHR400L6. C-BHR150L5, C-BHR225L5, C-BHR170L5, C-BHR200L5, C-BHR350L5, C-BHR325L5, C-BHR250L5, C-BHR400L5, C-BHR150M5, C-BHR170M, C-BHR200M5, C-BHR225M5, C-BHR250M5, C-BHR400M5, C-BHR350M5, C-BHR325M5.

Bristol Kulthorn Compressor Supplier in China

Kulthorn Kirby KPC Compressor C-BHR Series

100V model numbers : C-BHR200M0, C-BHR225M0, C-BHR350M0, C-BHR250M0, C-BHR325M0, C-BHR400M0, C-BHR200H0, C-BHR225H0, C-BHR350H0, C-BHR250H0, C-BHR400H0,

110V model numbers: C-BHR200L7, C-BHR225L7, C-BHR350L7, C-BHR325L7, C-BHR250L7, C-BHR400L7; C-BHR200M1, C-BHR225M1, C-BHR350M1, C-BHR325M1, C-BHR250M1, C-BHR400M1. C-BHR200H1, C-BHR225H1, C-BHR350H1, C-BHR325H1, C-BHR250H1, C-BHR400H1.

100V/50Hz ,115-127V/60Hz model numbers: C-BHR150M2, C-BHR225M2, C-BHR170M2, C-BHR350M2, C-BHR325M2, C-BHR250M2, C-BHR400M. C-BHR200H2, C-BHR225H2, C-BHR350H2, C-BHR250H2, C-BHR400H2, C-BHR200H7, C-BHR225H7, C-BHR350H7, C-BHR250H7, C-BHR400H7.

127V/60Hz model numbers: C-BHR200M7, C-BHR225M7, C-BHR350M7, C-BHR325M7, C-BHR250M7, C-BHR400M7.

200-220V/50Hz 220V/60Hz model numbers: C-BHR200M6, C-BHR225M6, C-BHR350M6, C-BHR325M6, C-BHR350M6, C-BHR250M6, C-BHR400M6, C-BHR400M6, C-BHR200H6, C-BHR225H6, C-BHR350H6, C-BHR250H6, C-BHR325H6, C-BHR400H6.

220-240V/50Hz model numbers: C-BHR200H5, C-BHR225H5, C-BHR350H5, C-BHR250H5, C-BHR400H5.

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Kulthorn Compressor Nomenclature

Kulthorn Compressor Nomenclature

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