Refrigeration Equipment Supplier in China


Refrigeration Equipment Supplier

HUBHVACR refrigeration equipment includes refrigeration compressors, semi-hermetic units, and commercial refrigeration units.

The types of refrigeration compressors include scroll compressors, rotary compressors, semi-hermetic compressors, and reciprocating compressors.

The representative brands of compressors are Copeland scroll, Panasonic rotary, BITZER semi-hermetic compressors, and SECOP reciprocating compressors.

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Refrigeration Semi-hermetic Compressor

Refrigeration Semi hermetic Compressor
Commercial Refrigeration Condensing Unit

Commercial Refrigeration Condensing Unit

Commercial refrigeration condensing unit mainly adopts Copeland compressors, Invotech compressors, EMBRACO compressors, MANEUROP compressors, SECOP compressors, and TECUMSEH compressors.

HUBHVACR commercial refrigeration condensing units can be used in small and medium-sized cold storage, walk-in fridges, display cabinets, food refrigerators, etc.

Semi-hermetic Condensing Unit

HUBHVACR semi-hermetic condensing unit adopts a Bitzer compressor, the power range is 2-50HP, and the lowest cooling temperature can reach -50℃.

In addition, the power of parallel semi-hermetic refrigeration units designed and produced by us can reach 100HP.

HUBHVACR semi-hermetic condensing unit can be designed and produced as an air-cooled unit and water-cooled unit according to demand, it is mainly used in medium and large cold storage.

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Semi-hermetic Condensing Unit
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