HUBHVACR Residential Building Solution
Residential Building Solution

Markets We Serve

  • Apartments Building
  • Condominiums Building
  • Townhouses Building
  • Single-Family Houses
  • Multi-family Buildings
  • Homeowners
  • Multi-Dwelling Unit Building
  • Rental Building
Apartments Solution

Apartments Solution

Apartment buildings have a high turnover of people, which makes it more important to have fresh air and convenient living.

HUBHVACR can provide apartment building contractors and managers with:

  • Fresh air systems.
  • Alarm systems.
  • Air conditioning systems.
  • Hot water heat pump systems.
  • Vending equipment.

Condominiums Solution

The condominiums are high-rise buildings, which require more reliable fire and smoke extraction systems.

HUBHVACR can provide condominium contractors and managers with:

  • High-efficiency fans.
  • Fire alarm equipment.
  • Automatic sprinklers.
  • Air conditioning units.
  • Heat pump floor heating equipment.
Condominiums Solution
Single-Family Houses Solution

Single-Family Houses Solution

Single-Family Houses Solution requires a higher level of comfort.

HUBHVACR can provide single-family houses solution projects with:

  • Thermostatic air conditioning
  • 24h heat pump hot water
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Heat pump floor heating equipment
  • Swimming pool heat pump

Townhouses Solution

Townhouses need lower noise and fresher air.

HUBHVACR can provide for townhouses projects:

  • Silent air conditioning units
  • Quiet heat pump hot water units
  • Air energy floor heating units
  • Fresh air systems
  • Refrigeration equipment
Townhouses Solution
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