Saginomiya Expansion Valve

Your Honest Saginomiya Thermostatic and Electronic Expansion Valve Supplier in China.


Saginomiya Thermostatic and Electronic Expansion Valve Supplier

HUBHVACR has numerous product tests before they are made available for you including performance testing, durability testing, safety testing, and compliance with international standards certification like ISO.

This emphasizes your commitment to the famous Japanese expansion valve brand Saginomiya and makes us the number-one choice for your expansion valve supplier in China. Send your inquiry today for a free quote.


We have ready-to-ship Saginomiya SCX model external equalizer type thermostatic expansion valve for your chillers, cold chains, boxes, heat pump air conditioners, etc. Contact us for a free quotation.


The Saginomiya BHX series thermostatic expansion valve provides excellent control in unloading, heat pump or in a hot gas defrost system. It is mainly used in general refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Send your inquiry now.


The Saginomiya ARX thermostatic expansion valve is ideal for small-capacity applications like bottle coolers, display cases, ice-making machines, etc. Its maximum working pressure is 3.0 MPa. Contact us for a wholesale quotation.


We can provide high volume OEM type of UKV, middle volume OEM type VKV, and large capacity of AKV Saginomiya electronic expansion valve for your wholesale needs. They consume less energy and have a high cool-down capacity. Contact us now.


Saginomiya UKV-F with an internal check valve can go with several refrigerant gases such as R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, and R410A in your household or residential air conditioner. Get your free quote now.


Saginomiya UKV-J electronic expansion valve is the best choice for extremely high pressure in bottle coolers, display cases, heat pump water heaters, and vending machine applications. Get a free wholesale quote.


We have a large selection of Saginomiya electronic expansion valves for extreme high-pressure Co2 refrigerant applications, including JKV, CCb, HSK, HPV series etc. We are happy to provide a free wholesale quote for you. Contact us now.

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Saginomiya Electronic Expansion Valves Supplier

HUBHVACR is your number one sourcing hub for Saginomiya electronic expansion valve, Saginomiya expansion valve R22, Saginomiya electronic expansion valve R410A, Saginomiya UKV, VKV, AKV expansion valve, Saginomiya UKV-F electronic expansion valve for R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, etc.

Along with Saginomiya thermostatic expansion valve and electronic expansion valve, HUBHVACR also provides one-stop service including before-sales consultation, after-sales support, technical guidelines, instruction manual, installation & repair expert guidelines, and non-stop supply of Saginomiya expansion valve spare parts for a lifetime.

We are committed to serving you as a trusted partner for all of your HVAC needs including Danfoss Filter driers, EK Filter dryers, etc.


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