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Swimming Pool Heat Pump

What Swimming Pool Heat Pump We Supply?

We can supply you with a swimming pool inverter heat pump pool, a small pool heat pump, a full inverter pool heat pump, a thermostatic pool heat pump, and an all-in-one commercial pool heat pump.

It is suitable for villa swimming pools, large and medium-sized swimming pools, high-end clubs, star hotels, stadiums, sports centers, etc.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

3HP Swimming Pool Heat Pump

3HP swimming pool heat pump rated heat production 10.9kw. Rated water output 294L/h(40℃).

5HP Swimming Pool Heat Pump Side Outlet

5HP swimming pool heat pump rated heat production 17.8kw. Rated water output 588L/h(40℃).

10HP Swimming Pool Heat Pump

10HP swimming pool heat pump rated heat production 33kw. Rated water output 1148L/h(40℃).

Thermostatic Pool Heat Pump

3HP Thermostatic Pool Heat Pump

3HP thermostatic pool heat pump rated heat production 11.5kw. Rated water output 395L/h (Inlet 15℃, Outlet 40℃).

5HP Thermostatic Pool Heat Pump

5HP thermostatic pool heat pump rated heat production 19.3kw. Rated water output 660L/h (Inlet 15℃, Outlet 40℃).

10HP Thermostatic Pool Heat Pump

10HP thermostatic pool heat pump rated heat production 38kw. Rated water output 1300L/h (Inlet 15℃, Outlet 40℃).

15HP Thermostatic Pool Heat Pump

15HP thermostatic pool heat pump rated heat production 55kw. Rated water output 1880L/h (Inlet 15℃, Outlet 40℃).

20HP Thermostatic Pool Heat Pump

20HP thermostatic pool heat pump rated heat production 75.2kw. Rated water output 2580L/h (Inlet 15℃, Outlet 40℃).

30HP Thermostatic Pool Heat Pump

30HP thermostatic pool heat pump rated heat production 105kw. Rated water output 3600L/h (Inlet 15℃, Outlet 40℃).

Commercial Pool Heat Pump Compressor

HUBHVACR can offer a wide range of compressor brands to suit your project needs such as Copeland, Danfoss, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, GMCC, HIGHLYFrascold, Bitzer, Dorin, Carlyle, etc.

That’s because the market for commercial pool heat pumps is diverse, so whether you have a smaller pool or a larger one, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our experienced commercial pool heat pump design team looks forward to working with you, so contact us now.

All-in-one Commercial Pool Heat Pump

All-in-one Commercial Pool Heat Pump
Air Conditioner

An all-in-one commercial pool heat pump regulates room temperature for multi-purpose use.


An all-in-one commercial pool heat pump is equipped with a heating system that heats the room in a controlled manner.

Fresh Air System

An all-in-one commercial pool heat pump is equipped with an air filtration section to ensure indoor air quality.

Dehumidification Function

The equipment works to dehumidify the room air and return the dehumidified moisture to the pool. This ensures that the pool is in a constant state of humidity and reduces the growth of bacteria.

Pool Heat Pump Installation Schematic

Pool Heat Pump Installation Schematic

Pool Heat Pump Working Principle Schematic

All-in-one Commercial Pool Heat Pump

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Selection Parameters
Rated voltage220V/380V 50Hz380V 50Hz
Rated heat production(KW)11.519.327.838475575.290105180200
Rated input power(KW)2.614.46.38.610.812.617.120.32441.247.6
Maximum input power(KW)
Max. input current(A)610.812212731415059101104
Water temperature7-50℃
Rated water output39566095013001600188025803080360061806880
Maximum pressure(L/h)≤4.2Mpa
Interface sizeDN40DN50DN65DN80
Operating temperature-15-43℃

The above data: ambient dry bulb temperature 20℃, wet bulb temperature 15℃, inlet water temperature 15℃, outlet water temperature 40℃.

All-in-one Commercial Pool Heat Pump Selection Parameters
Input PowerCompression4. 4kW8. 8kW10.4kW17. 6kW20. 8kW20. 8kW24. 8kW
Fan1. 5kW5. 5kW15kW
Fresh air0.1kW0. 18kW0.32kW0. 55kW
Heat capacity25kW51kW60kW100kW120kW125kW150kW
Cooling capacity16kW39kW46kW75kW85kW92kW105kW
Dehumidification capacity15L/h30L/h40L/h60L/h80L/h100L/h120L/h
Built-in BlowerAir volume3080″6380m31 1750″18520m3(13845^23433) *2pcsm3
Full pressure552~605Pa841〜869Pa(938~974)*pcsPa
Static pressure539~559Pa22~539Pa(841~762)*2pcsPa
Fresh air MotorAir volume200″300m3800″150m31500″3000m32500″5000m3
Full pressureOu

98 64Pa

227 208Pa266~245Pa305~254Pa
Static pressure89~38Pa217~176Pa219 145Pa243~151Pa
Rated voltage380V
Rated frequency50Hz
Rated current12A29A32A65A72A75A80A
Rated pressure0. 4MPa
Rated water outlet temperature28°C
Max water outlet temperature38°C
Water flow rate5500L/hllOOOL/h15000L/h22000L/h28000L/h32000L/h35000L/h
Interface size50mm63mm75 Flange90 Flange

When the demand for cooling and heating in the swimming tube is high, we can provide auxiliary cooling and heating equipment when the standard pool heat pump unit cannot meet the demand. Please contact us now for details.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Design Highlights

HUBHVACR commercial pool heat pump uses high-efficiency internal threads and hydrophilic fins for better heat transfer coefficient and higher heat transfer efficiency.
High Heat Exchange EfficiencyHigh Heat Exchange Efficiency
The condenser is made of pure titanium tubes and the heat exchanger is made of naval copper with strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, the service life is longer.
Good Descaling EffectGood Descaling Effect
The swimming pool heat pump adopts a Copeland compressor, which is reliable and more durable.
Famous Brand CompressorFamous Brand Compressor
The pool heat pump is controlled by an electronic chip, is easy to operate, and can run automatically after setting parameters.
Fully Automatic OperationFully Automatic Operation
The pool heat pump absorbs the heat emitted by the pool in the air, thus achieving a high energy efficiency ratio of 5.2.
High Energy Efficiency Ratio of 5.2High Energy Efficiency Ratio of 5.2
HUBHVACR swimming pool heat pump units can be custom designed and manufactured according to your project plan.

Pool Heat Pump vs Gas Heater

Heating equipmentHeat pumpOil boilerElectric heating boilerSolar + electric auxiliaryNatural gas boiler
Thermal value860Kcal/kWh8200 Calories/L860Kcal/kWh860Kcal/kWh8600Kcal/kWh
Thermal efficiency425%65%95%250%75%
Required to produce one ton of hot water10.94 kWh7.50 L48.96 kWh18.6 0 kWh6.2m3
Fuel price1 ¥/kWh6¥/L1¥/kWh1¥/kWh3.5 ¥/m3
Cost to heat one ton of hot water(¥)10.944548.9618.621.7
Tonnes heated per day1010101010
Cost per day(¥)109.4450489.6186217
Cost per year(¥)399311642501787046789079205
 Life expectancy15 year5-8 year5-8 year5-8 year5-8 year
MaintenanceMaintenance freeMaintenance requiredMaintenance freeMaintenance freeMaintenance required
NoiseSmallMedium LargeNoiseSmall
 PollutionNoPollution severityNoNoNo
Safety featuresSafetyNot safeNot safeNot safeNot safe
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