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HUBHVACR Ventilation

Ventilation Equipment Supplier

HUBHVACR is your reliable supplier of ventilation equipment, we can provide you with various types of axial fans and centrifugal fans.

In addition, our mature technical team can also provide you with professional non-standard customization.

This ensures a smooth implementation of your ventilation project. For more detail contact HUBHVACR now.


Axial Fan

HUBHVACR can provide you with axial fan types including AC axial fan, DC axial fan, EC axial fan, axial duct fan, axial wall fan, roof axial exhaust fan, and tunnel axial fan.

Its static pressure range is 0~2350 Pa.

It can be used by refrigeration and air conditioning unit manufacturers, commercial building contractors, industrial plant contractors, etc.

Axial Fan
Centrifugal Fan

Centrifugal Fan

The types of centrifugal fans we can provide include forward-curved, backward-curved, centrifugal blower fans, industrial centrifugal fans, inline duct exhaust fans, cabinet centrifugal fans, roof centrifugal fans, etc.

Its static pressure range is 0~18000 Pa.

Applications: residential buildings, commercial building ventilation, cabinet air conditioning indoor units, fresh air system inlet and outlet air, industrial plant ventilation, etc.

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