What are Open Refrigeration Compressors

What are Open Refrigeration Compressors

Do you know that the differences between hermetic, semi-hermetic, and open compressor types are based on a compressor’s architectural design?

It’s essential to understand what is an open compressor before you learn how to select a compressor for refrigeration.

In an open-type refrigeration compressor, the housing and the motor are mounted separately with no protected shell cover.

It’s also called a belt-driven or open-drive refrigeration compressor, as a belt or shaft coupling connects the electric motor with the compressor.

An open-type compressor is typically large, more powerful, and used in industrial systems.

Application of Open Refrigeration Compressors

Application of Open Refrigeration Compressors

You may ask why the open compressor is used in the refrigerator.

An open compressor is designed to handle large-scale refrigeration applications requiring a significant cooling capacity and maintaining a specific temperature level for various process and storage requirements.

It is also used in the cooling units of air conditioning systems, large food industry refrigeration systems, food processing plants, cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, and other applications where it needs to maintain a low temperature for storing and preserving perishable goods.

Small marine refrigeration systems also tend to use open-drive compressors.

As an open-type refrigeration compressor manufacturer, HUBHVACR supplies different brands of compressors like Bitzer, Frascold, Refcomp, York Amoking, and semi-hermetic compressors and hermetic compressors.

Advantages of Open Refrigeration Compressors

Advantages of Open Refrigeration Compressors

The most significant advantage of an open refrigeration compressor is that it is easily accessible for maintenance because of no outer shell.

Every single part of the compressor is repairable or replaceable, and the non-essentiality of an extra outer shell significantly saves money.

An open compressor is mainly efficient for high-power required fields where the power is adjustable differently.

The motor is separated from the compressor and connected by a coupling sleeve or belt.

So, based on your system demands, you can use electric motors, diesel, gas, or other types of engines in the compressor unit.

An open-type compressor often fails due to dirt, debris, or chemicals, which can be avoided by strict environmental safety control to enjoy more extended efficiency.

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