What is a Rotary Compressor

What is a Rotary Compressor

A rotary compressor is an air compressor or refrigerant compressor that takes low-temperature refrigerant gas by its compression chamber.

Then compress it to a high-pressure gas using a rotating mechanism, and passes the gas through the accumulator.

This rotating mechanism uses two rotors or screws and positive displacement to compress the gas and raise its temperature.

The design of a rotary compressor makes it more suitable for professional and commercial applications where a continuous compression operation and a large volume of high pressure are required.

Though the working principle is the same, there are different types of rotary compressors based on designs and functional features to meet different needs.

Application of Rotary Compressor:

There are many rotary compressors with different forms and sizes, so they are widely used in unlimited applications.

The stationary blade rotary compressor is best for large industrial applications like food processing, cold storage facilities, industrial cooling systems, and other pneumatic systems like power tools, machinery, and manufacturing processes.

There are also small rotary compressors for portable units in construction, mining, or isolated workplaces, oil-free rotary compressors for medical air systems, etc.

But rotary compressors are generally found in professional and household air conditioner units, refrigeration units, freezers, heat pumps, etc.

Many top air conditioner manufacturers in China brings different brand of compressor with various size and features to meet all of these individual application requirements.

Some are Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Qingan, LG, GMCC, Highly, etc.

To select the best compressor for your applications, ensure its compression ratio and other factors match your project requirements.

Advantages of Rotary Compressors:

Advantages of Rotary Compressors

The low pulsation and continuous sweeping motion in refrigerant compressor operation of a rotary compressor ensure very low noise operation and experience very less vibration.

Its relatively steady discharge pressure maintains consistent performance and variable speed operation, allowing it to control compression with better energy efficiency precisely.

A rotary compressor is also lighter in weight, higher in reliability, and does not require heavy foundations, so it’s also easy to install and needs less maintenance.

Its reasonable replacement cost and superb performance in commercial and industrial applications make it a sound investment decision.

What is a Rotary Compressor?

Rotary Compressor Operation

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