What is a Semi-Hermetic Compressor

What is a Semi-Hermetic Compressor

You know, there are five types of compressors based on their working principle and operational mechanism; there are three more types of compressors based on the architecture of the compressor body.

They are Hermetic, Semi-hermetic, and Open compressor.

So, by definition, a semi-hermetic compressor is a middle-design compressor between hermetic and open, where the compressor and its driving motor are enclosed within a sealed shell.

Still, they can be accessed and opened for maintenance and repairs.

Particular advantages like inspection, replacement, or repair without requiring complete compressor replacement come with this accessibility.

As this categorization is based on architecture and design, a semi-hermetic compressor can be a reciprocating, rotary, or other type with some technological and other feature differences based on its use applications.

Application of Semi-Hermetic Compressor

Application of Semi-Hermetic Compressor

Unlike the hermetic compressor mainly used in low-cost ownership, a semi-hermetic compressor can cover low to medium and high-to-medium temperature high-end commercial and industrial applications.

Especially for large-scale commercial refrigeration system applications, semi-hermetic compressors are the most economical and efficient option.

It offers many benefits for refrigeration, as semi-hermetic compressor spare parts can be isolated and serviced.

It’s also a preferred choice for commercial units, railroad air conditioners, marine refrigeration, etc.

Some popular brands of semi-hermetic compressors are Frascold, Bitzer, Refcomp, Bock, Dorin, and Carlyle compressors. Semi-hermetic compressors are also found in supermarkets, fast food restaurants, cold chain logistics, petrol stations, etc.

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Advantages of Semi-Hermetic Compressors

Advantages of Semi-Hermetic Compressors

A semi-hermetic compressor can be adopted for a wide scale of pressure & cooling capacity needs.

Compared to a Hermetic compressor, a semi-hermetic compressor has a more extended life because of its enhanced serviceability.

You can expect around ten years of lifespan or more by periodic maintenance without replacing the entire unit, even if a component fails.

So it saves thousands of dollars and gives greater power consumption.

The semi-hermetic compressor also has high thermal efficiency compared to the open compressor.

Its sealed design minimizes leakages and energy losses.

It also protects internal components from external contaminants in applications like food processing or pharmaceutical industries..

Frascold Semi-hermetic Compressor Video

Bitzer Semi-hermetic Compressor Video

Refcomp Semi-hermetic Compressor Video

BOCK Semi-hermetic Compressor Video

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