ZB38KCE Compressor

ZB38KCE Compressor

Your Right ZB38KCE Compressor Supplier in China

Welcome to your premier destination for the best ZB38KCE compressor supplier in China. Your journey to any HVACR solutions starts here with excellence, trust, quality, reliability, and one-stop wholesale needs.

For all your mid-temp air-cooled condensing units, special equipment or other compact cooling systems, This ZB series of Copeland scroll compressors is a great choice. Contact us now.

Copeland ZB38KCE Compressor

It can ensure the highest energy efficiency all over the year. Explore our comprehensive range of compressors. Contact us now.

This compressor is approved to use various types of refrigerants, such as R134A, R22f, R404A, R407, etc., and can be used in different medium or high-temperature applications. It has 4.5 Horsepower, a 22200 to 56500 BTU capacity range, and a voltage of 208 / 230 at 60 Hz. We are your authorized distributor and wholesaler for the high-quality ZB38KCE-PFV-250 Copeland scroll compressor. Claim your free quotation now.
ZB38KCE TF5 250
Equipped with advanced technology, this Copeland scroll ZB38KCE-TF5-250 model compressor has a 200-230V, 60Hz frequencyHorsepowerer of 5, 3 HP, and a capacity of 57500 BTu. Whether it's air conditioning, refrigeration, or heat pump systems, the ZB38KCE TF5 250 delivers consistent and reliable performance, ensuring comfort and reliability year-round. Send your inquiry now.
ZB38KCE TF5 265
Featuring compatibility with environmentally friendly refrigerants like R22, R134A, R404A, R407A, R407C, etc., this Copeland scrolls ZB38KCE TF5 265 compressor model prioritizes sustainability without compromising on performance. HUBHVACR can ensure robust construction and high-quality components with minimal maintenance requirements with this compressor model. It has 57500 Btu, 200/230 V, 60Hz, 3 PH, and 4-8 horse power. Order today.
ZB38KCE TF5 950
This ZB38KCE-TF5-950 model compressor is designed for use in commercial and industrial cooling systems under high and medium temperature conditions. We ensure your project can enjoy consistent performance and peace of mind for system operators, providing the wholesale and affordable price of the Copeland Scroll compressor. ZB38KCE-TF5-950 series has a 7/8" size suction line, 3 phase, 200/230v, 60Ha, and a wide range of refrigerant options.
This Copeland Scroll compressor ZB38KCE TFD 250 model is designed to excel in demanding HVACR applications, delivering unparalleled cooling capabilities. With a 460V power supply, 3 PH, and five horsepower, this compressor model is considered a powerhouse of efficiency and performance, handling a wide range of cooling loads with ease. HUBHVACR can help you choose the most suitable and compatible compressor model for any HVACR project. Contact us right now.
With a power rating of 5 horsepower, this ZB38KCE-TFD-551 Copeland scroll compressor delivers robust performance. Its Rotolock connection ensures secure and easy installation. Its very flexible design, 7/8" suction line size, and 5/8" discharge size allow it to be used in air conditioning, refrigeration, or heat pump system applications. With a voltage rating of 380V, it delivers efficient operation while minimizing energy consumption.

Copeland ZB38 Series Compressor (3)

  • ZB38KQ TFD 558

    Our ZB38KQ TFD 558 model offers low-noise operation without sacrificing performance. It is configured for stationary use, making it easy to integrate into your existing HVAC system. Its input power of 4540W and EEr of 10.10 Btu/Wh highlight its efficiency and performance capabilities. With a mass flow rate of 725 Ibs/hr and a capacity of 46400 Btu/h, it ensures efficient cooling even in the most demanding conditions. Contact us now.

  • ZB38KQE

    If you are looking for a compressor designed for efficiency and longevity, this ZB38KQE is for you. It features a POE32 oil type, 5 HP of nominal horsepower, and 14.5m³/h of displacement. It is a powerful and versatile solution for various cooling application needs. Operating at a voltage range of 380-420V 3 PH and 50 Hz, this compressor model is suitable for a wide range of electrical configurations in different installation environments. Order today.

  • ZBD38KCE

    This ZBD38KCE line compressor model is an example of reliability and innovation in the HVACR industry. With a cooling capacity of 7.97kW and displacement of 14.4m³/h, it is compatible with a range of refrigerants, including R407F, R448A, R449A, R450A, and R513A. Its power supply of 400V/3Ph/50Hz ensures stable operation and consistent performance to meet the demands of diverse cooling applications. Send your inquiry today.

ZB38KCE and ZBD38KCE Compressor Supplier

Walk in Cooler Condensing Unit

Do you want to ensure a walk-in cooler that has minimal downtime and maximum uptime? No matter whether you need it in a small-scale walk-in cooler or a large commercial refrigeration system, HUBHVACR has you covered. Our ZB38KCE series offers top-of-the-line performance and condensing units with your specific requirements.

This walk-in cooler condensing unit is easy to install and maintain, still ensuring reliability at its peak. Trust us as your one-stop solution provider for HVAC.

We also cover a full phase of after-sales support, wholesale spare parts, customized condensing units, and the fastest shipping throughout the world at good shipping rates. Contact us now.

Walk in Cooler Condensing Unit

ZB38KCE Compressor Parts

As a one-stop destination for your HVACR solution, HUBHVACR has a dedicated section for compressor parts, including this ZB38KCE compressor part. Refrigeration pipe vibration absorbers ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your refrigeration system. They are designed to reduce noise and vibration and enhance system reliability and durability, so you can enjoy a stable environment for your ZB38KCE compressor.
EK 165 Liquid Line Filter Drier
Our premium filter dryer compressor parts protect your compressor and refrigeration system from contaminants and moisture. They effectively trap debris, acids, and moisture and ensure clean and dry refrigerant flow for optimal performance and reliability. Contact us today for this Filter Dryer.
Condensing Unit
Our more than decades of experience in supplying condensing units can let you enjoy a top-of-the-line unit specifically designed to work seamlessly with the ZB38KCE and other compressor series. We ensure robust construction and advanced technology, and our condensing units give exceptional cooling performance and durability for your applications. Contact us today.
Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valve R22
We can supply full series Danfoss Thermostatic Expansion Valve, such as, Danfoss TD1, TE2, TE5, TGE, etc. Therefore, whether you are purchasing a ZB38KCE compressor for refrigeration or freezing, we can provide you with a complete accessories list. Contact us today.
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